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Latest news on Artificial Intelligence and its applications on the globe. 

Study: AI might prove helpful against asbestos-linked cancer

“A new international genomics research led by the University of Leicester used artificial intelligence (AI) to study an aggressive form of cancer, which could be helpful in improving patient outcomes.

…New research undertaken by the Leicester Mesothelioma Research Programme has now revealed, using AI analysis of DNA-sequenced mesotheliomas, that they evolve along similar or repeated paths between individuals. These paths predict the aggressiveness and possible therapy of this otherwise incurable cancer.”

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Artificial Intelligence Gains As Tool for Venture Capitalists

“Venture capitalists who have long funded artificial intelligence startups are beginning to use the technology to search for a competitive edge in their own investment decisions.

Venture-capital firms see an opportunity in applying algorithms to the voluminous amount of data that their businesses collect”

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Saudi Arabia using AI technology for monitoring weather: Dr. Ghulam

“Dr. Ayman Bin Salem Ghulam, head of the National Center of Meteorology, said that the center is using artificial intelligence in monitoring elements of weather that affect lives and properties in all the Kingdom’s land, air, and sea environments.

“The devastating floods that struck Jeddah in 2009 have had doubled the public’s interest in weather conditions, bringing out a monumental transformation in the functioning of the center,” he said in an interview with Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

Dr. Ghulam said the center now covers about 94 percent of the inhabited geographical area in the Kingdom. He also spoke about the method of cloud-seeding and its necessities.”

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Artificial intelligence improves parking efficiency in Chinese cities

“Thanks to the application of an artificial intelligence (AI)-empowered roadside electronic toll collection (ETC) system, China’s capital city Beijing has seen significant improvement in the efficiency of parking fee collection, turnover of roadside parking spots, order in roadside parking, as well as traffic congestion.”

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Thriving Smart Meeting Rooms Concept With AI And Video Collaborations

“AI can bring about significant advancements in video conferencing by allowing companies to manage their meetings more effectively and automating simple tasks such as re-scheduling calls and sending out important notifications.

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the world shutdown all physical operations and switched to remote work. To cope with the sudden demand, video conferencing tools and software came to be widely used.”

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Why golf outside? Kakao ushers in AI -based swing experience

“South Koreans’ love of golf has led to a flourishing culture of indoor golf, played on driving ranges that have been graphically or photographically simulated on screens.

Now a gaming company has introduced an artificial intelligence-based service so that golfers can work on their skills at home.”

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Army Trains AI to Identify Faces in the Dark

“The U.S. Army Research Laboratory recently unveiled a dataset of faces designed to help train AI on identifying people even in the dark—a possible expansion of facial recognition capabilities that some experts warn could lead to expanded surveillance beyond the battlefield.”

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Artificial Intelligence; Imperial College London Reports Findings in Artificial Intelligence (Investigating the Ethical and Data Governance Issues of Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Protocol for a Delphi Study)

“The rapid uptake of digital technology into the operating room has the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency of the use of operating rooms, and allow surgeons to progress quickly up learning curves. These technologies are, however, dependent on huge amounts of data, and the consequences of their mismanagement are significant.”

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Dubai Municipality wins award for AI deployment in wastewater plant

“Dubai Municipality said it has won the Ideas Arabia international award, organised by Dubai Quality Group, in the “Sustainability” category, for its successful implementation of an innovative system involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its plant in Jebel Ali to monitor and control wastewater treatment processes.”

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Congress-created commission calls for spending billions on artificial intelligence to defeat China

“The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s final report to Congress urges the federal government to prioritize artificial intelligence innovation now and spend billions of taxpayer dollars or risk getting left behind in China’s dust.

A 2018 defense bill created the commission to guide policymakers on artificial intelligence issues. The commission is chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and its members were selected by members of Congress, the secretary of defense, and the secretary of commerce. “

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Total Lab Automation, AI : Connecting the Brain-to-Brain Loop for Lab Testing

“Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the routine laboratory testing, explains Dr Barnali Das, MD, DNB, PGDHHM, who is a Consultant – Laboratory Medicine at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. She is also Chair at American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) – India Section, and NABL Assessor.

Rapid changes in the diagnostic sector coupled with parallel advances in technology have stimulated the evolution of approaches for Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic elements in the routine laboratory process flow. These measures offer promise in streamlining the clinical laboratory process flow.”

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Cambridge Quantum Computing

“Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) announces the publication of a research paper on the online pre-print repository arxiv (available here (https://arxiv.org/pdf/2102.12846.pdf )) that provides details of the largest ever experimental implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks on a quantum computer.

Titled “QNLP in Practice: Running Compositional Models of Meaning on a Quantum Computer,” the paper presents the first “medium-scale” implementation of common NLP tasks.”

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Deep Dive: Better dealmaking through data

“Savvy sponsors are increasingly using data science to improve outcomes – from deal origination to due diligence and value creation. …Users had started sharing stories about how spooky it was that Motherbrain could predict interesting companies for them to meet. The platform finally had a good interface, which led to increased usage and, ultimately, to trust from users. Today, Motherbrain is an integral part of EQT’s deal-sourcing efforts.”

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Standard Chartered tests AI to size up young borrowers

“Standard Chartered has been developing new underwriting models using machine learning that could help it determine creditworthiness of borrowers with minimal credit histories.

The ultimate goal: to increase approval rates and eliminate bias by gender, race, age and other characteristics.

The international bank has been incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into its business since 2016, to better engage with customers and recommend suitable credit cards and loans. “

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Using artificial intelligence in breast cancer screening

“Together with Northwestern Medicine, Google Health is working on a new clinical research study to explore whether artificial intelligence (AI) models can help reduce the time to diagnosis, narrowing the assessment gap and improving the patient experience.

Women who choose to take part in the study may have their mammograms reviewed by an investigational AI model that flags scans for immediate review by a radiologist if they show a higher likelihood of breast cancer.”

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Givaudan launches AI tools for product development

“Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has announced the launch of its Advanced Tools for Modelling (ATOM), which use artificial intelligence to optimize food and flavor formulation and facilitate co-creation and collaboration with customers.

Aligned with the company’s 2025 strategy, the company said the tools open doors to creative development and are able to cut the time to market for new products.

ATOM uses artificial intelligence (AI) and data science techniques to minimize trial and error in the process. The tools identify positive and negative flavor drivers and explore ingredient synergies, to generate new options and insights aligned with consumer preferences.”

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AI tool developed to predict energy generation at windfarms

“Researchers in Ireland have developed a new system that uses AI to predict the amount of renewable energy that will be produced at windfarms.

The AI tool, called FREMI (Forecasting Renewable Energy with Machine Intelligence), was developed through a partnership between applied AI centre CeADAR and SSE Airtricity.”

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