Singapore, 1st January 2020 – Special New Year Speech

Ipoh 29th December 2019 – Malaysia’s First A.I Platform for Families with Special Needs

Kuala Lumpur, 5th September 2019 – Universities Closing Gaps But More Can Be Done

Kuala Lumpur, 5th August 2019 – Advisory platform set to improve services and reduce risks for auditors.

Kuala Lumpur, 23rd July 2019 – Future-Ready Board.

Singapore, 24th June 2019 – Services 4.0 (Part 2): Workforce Augmentation with Technology.

Singapore, 27th May 2019 – Disrupting Credit Analysis for Corporate Lenders.

Kuala Lumpur, 12th February 2019 – MyFinB, Syarikat Malaysia Pertama Guna A.I Untuk Bantu Perniagaan dan Pelaburan.

Kuala Lumpur, 10th January 2019 – Picking strong Shariah Compliant stocks with A.I.

New Delhi: India, 05th January 2019 – MyFinB to propagate A.I. in schools

Singapore, 05th January 2019 – MyFinB: Financial Doctor for Businesses using A.I.

Singapore, 05th January 2019 – An Interview with M. Nazri, Founder and CEO “Going beyond Data, People want insights and recommendation, what better way to do this than through Analytics?

Singapore, 26th December 2018 – Public Listed Companies Encouraged to Adopt A.I.

New Delhi: India, 09th December 2018 – Bringing India’s A.I. upto speed

Singapore, 04th December 2018 – Asset Management Companies Shifting to automatic Research Analysis

New Jersey, USA, 30th November 2018 – An interview with M.Nazri, Founder and CEO “Going beyond Data, People want insights and recommendation, what better way to do this than through Analytics.

Kuala Lumpur, 27th November 2018 – Equipping Investors with A.I. tools

Kuala Lumpur, 16th November 2018 – Digging deep to uncover credit information

Kuala Lumpur, 14th November 2018 – Leveling the playing field for Start-ups

Kuala Lumpur, 4th November 2018 – Effects of Management’s actions no longer a mystery

Kuala Lumpur, 3rd November 2018 – Step aside RoboAdvisor, here comes RoboAnalyst

Kuala Lumpur, 1st November 2018 – Taking stock of the changes : The evolving investor 

Asia Pacific, 30th October 2018 – MyFinB: Financial Doctor for Businesses using A.I.

Singapore, 30th August 2018 – ISCA TechCountX Conference 2018: Leveraging Exponential Technologies for the Accounting Profession.

ASEAN, 28th July 2018 – RoboAuditor is our next innovation: MyFinB

Kuala Lumpur, 20th July 2018 – Companies need to restructure and build better valuation

Kuala Lumpur, 18th July 2018 – Smaller enterprises facing shrinking enterprise value: SME Study

ASEAN, 17th July 2018 – RoboRegulator Changing the Mechanisms of Public Policy

Singapore, 13th July 2018 – Acctech versus Fintech – when two worlds collide

Brunei Darussalaam, 11th July 2018 – Government agencies need AI to engage SMEs more

Astana, 4th July 2018 – Kazakhstan Has Good Opportunities for Analytics

Singapore, 21st June 2018 – Firma AI milik anak Melayu kembang sayap di Amerika Syarikat

Singapore, 4th June 2018 – Accountants need to cooperate on a technological platform

Ivory Coast, 30th May 2018 – More than 20,000 Ivorian SMEs getting their financial health checked

Ivory Coast, 25th May 2018 – MFB Outlines Survival Strategies for SMEs in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, 20th May 2018 – Centre set up to help SMEs innovate: MyFinB appointed to ignite change in Ivory Coast ecosystem

Singapore, 7 April 2018 – ICOs Need to Be Supported By Good Business Fundamentals : MyFinB introduces Digital A.I. Lab to strengthen business case for aspiring start-ups

Singapore, 31 March 2018 – Indian Business Chamber Introduces A.I. to Help Review Finalists: MyFinB engine helps to identify gaps and reveals how entrepreneurs can overcome challenges

Ivory Coast, 26th March 2018 – FIPME to Launch Centre of Innovation with MyFinB: MOU Inked to Set Up Centres In 10 Key Cities in Ivory Coast Benefiting 120,000 SMEs In Three Years

Tokyo, Japan – 1st March 2018 – MyFinB Selected to Showcase A.I. Tech in Japan: Leading Japan group ISID wooed start-ups in more than 10 countries

Brunei, 22 March 2018 – Plans Underway to Set Up Centre Of Innovation for Businesses in Brunei: Top Priority for Businesses to Pursue Digital Transformation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 20 February 2018 – Accountants Nudged to Blend Accounting Practices with Fintech: Workshop conducted to raise awareness of latest fintech innovations for the accounting industry.

Jakarta, Indonesia 27 January 2018 – A.I. Boost for B2B2C Players: New Technology by MyFinB Utilises RoboAdvisors to Shake Up Logistics and E-commerce Market

Jakarta, Indonesia 22 January 2018 – MyFinB Eyes Indonesian E-commerce and Logistics Market: Strategic Meeting with Major Players to Adopt A.I. based B2B2C Analytics

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 21 December 2017 – MyFinB Expanding into OIC Countries in The Next Two Years: Technology to Be Showcased in Madrid, Spain as A Launchpad

Kuala Lumpur, 19 December 2017 – 9 Fintech Startups From SuperCharger KL’s Demo Day To Pay Attention To

India, 17 December 2017 – India Presents Huge Opportunities for A.I. – Driven Analytics: Formation of MyFinB India to Boost Local Development in The Field

Kuala Lumpur, 28 November 2017 – Future of technology for accounting professionals.

Sarawak, Malaysia 21 November 2017 – MyFinB (M) selected to be showcased during the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 16 November 2017 – Dragonfire Corporate Solutions Sdn Bhd teams up with MyFinB (M)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8 November 2017 – Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) /Memorandum of Agreements (MoA):Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 8 November 2017 – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing Ceremony between MyFinB and Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Madrid, Spain, 23 October 2017 – MyFinB Wooed by A Spanish Bank for A.I. Tech

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 27 September 2017 – Malaysia Boosts Fintech Hub Status

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 27 September 2017 – Supercharger Fintech Accelerator Malaysia Unveils 10 Finalists.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 27 September 2017 – SuperCharger chooses 10 start-ups for its accelerator programme

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 26 September 2017 – SuperCharger fintech accelerator unveils 10 finalists

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 26 September 2017 – SuperCharger FinTech Accelerator Malaysia unveils 10 finalists

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 13 September 2017 – MyFinB (M) to Share Bank and Enterprise Project Experience with IBM Singapore

9 September 2017 – B2BPay se alza con el Fintech for Companies de BBVA Open Talent

London, UK – 8 September 2017 – “UK start-up transforms Companies House Data into Gold”: UK Head and Co-Founder

London, UK – 7 September 2017 – B2BPay, winner of BBVA Open Talent Global Fintech for Companies Competition

London, UK – 6 September 2017 – Great potential for UK Fintech sector to adopt more A.I.: MyFinB UK CEO

Singapore – 1 September 2017 – “MyFinB sets footprint in Europe” : Asian Start-up expected to discrupt the SME lending sector globally

Singapore – 24 August 2017 – Nexia TS Launches Ascend – An Integrated Cloud-Based Accounting, Business Automation and A.I. Analytics Solution

Kuala Lumpur – 20 August 2017 – Cover Story: AI and the new horizons.

Ohio, USA – 15 August 2017 – BBVA Announces Finalists for Open Talent FinTech For Companies Challenge

BBVA Open Talent Fintech for Companies

Ohio, USA – 14 August 2017 – BBVA Announces Finalists For Open Talent FinTech For Companies Challenge

Kuala Lumpur – 27 July 2017 – MyFinB Machine Can Generate Winning Stocks

Singapore – 23 March 2017 – VSC Group usaha lahir lebih banyak firma teknologi Melayu

Bangkok – 18 March 2017 – MyFinB: ให้ AI ช่วยวิเคราะห์ธุรกิจด้วย Big Data และสรุปรายงานออกมาเป็นภาษามนุษย์


Kuala Lumpur – 28 February 2017 – MyFinB Malaysia to Be the Global Analytics Centre for the Group

Singapore – 26 January 2017 – Singapore’s FinTech Industry Is on the Way to Global Leadership

Singapore – 26 January 2017 – Singapore’s FinTech Industry Is on the Way to Global Leadership

Singapore – 2 August 2016 – SG Dealbook: Keong Hong lists on SGX Mainboard, AI-driven analytics can drive risk mitigation

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Singapore – 18 June 2015 – Inisiatif baru dijangka dapat perkasa SME dengan lebih berkesan

Singapore – 17 June 2015 – SMEs with good finances win public tenders: Study

Singapore – 17 June 2015 – What SMEs should do when competing for public tenders in Singapore

Singapore – 16 June 2015 – Kajian: Lebih berjaya dapat tender jika kewangan SME mantap

Singapore – 15 June 2015 – Majority of Singapore public tenders won by SMEs: study

Singapore – 15 June 2015 – SMEs outnumber MNCs in winning public tenders

Singapore – 15 June 2015 – Study: SMEs win 79 per cent of govt contracts