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Analysis-to-Decisioning Process

Award-winning AI company that automatically interprets financial, business and market data into narrative analysis with recommendations and outcome measurement – for better decisions, for better impact.


We create AI solutions so that your data can be assessed, analyzed and communicated with precision, scale and accuracy. With smart automation to solve complex or routine issues, productivity surges and you can focus on more creative, high value – high return activities. We help to augment the skills of business users so they can focus more on high-value tasks and less on menial work.


You can leverage on MyFinB’s tools to develop accurate, timely and forward-looking reports from your organisation’s data and external market info. This means you no longer need personnel or analysts dedicating their time and energy wading through pools of data and then writing a report. We help you communicate your strategic narratives effectively so that you can invest your resources in performing more critical tasks.


We do not look at just historical data and make assumptions about the future; neither do we produce dashboards to simply report your current situation. We help you understand your current and past data, and identify new variables to project future scenarios and probable outcomes. More importantly, our AI engine provides recommendations on the best course of action to take given a set of circumstances – so that you can make objective, accurate and timely decisions without bias, fatigue or errors.

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