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Transforming Doctor-Patient Experience with Automated & Personalised Expert Systems

Did you know that by 2050, countries who are facing ageing population ie. people over the age of 65 – the implication is that health systems will have to deal with more patients with complex needs. Managing such patients is expensive and requires systems to shift from an episodic care-based philosophy to one that is much more proactive and focused on long-term care management.

Healthcare spending is simply not keeping up. Without major structural and transformational change, healthcare systems will struggle to remain sustainable. Health systems also need a larger workforce, but although the global economy could create 40 million new health-sector jobs by 2030, there is still a projected shortfall of 9.9 million physicians, nurses and midwives globally over the same period, according to the World Health Organization.

The Power of HEAL:
Key Benefits

What We Are Solving

Patients need more time and attention from doctors - but time is scarce!

Patients, especially their caretakers, constantly spend time searching the web and conduct their own general diagnosis.

Depending on the severity of illnesses, the explanation they seek from the medical professionals is at times, limited by time and logistics - giving rise to deep anxiety.

The Needs

The need for improved communication and engagement with patients

Empower health institutions with AI to enhance doctor-patient experience with forward-looking, narrative insights

How Do We solve The Issue?

Making patient engagement easier

In order to improve the doctor-patient experience, an integrated data management approach is suggested - from lab to consultation room. A specialised form of AI can be used to accurately interpret medical and non medical data automatically


HEAL uses a proprietary engine with the ability to convert medical and non-medical data, as well as any dashboards - into predictive and prescriptive analytics accurately and in a timely manner.

What Can HEAL do?