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The Accounting & Finance Group In Artificial Intelligence

MyFinB Group, along with its social innovation arm, the Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI), specialises in the Natural Language expert systems where we help organisations explain their data using predictive and prescriptive analytics. We build AI assets with a view to commercialise and grow them organically – or inject them into ongoing operations for purposes of M&A / Listing.

TAFGAI is set up as an SPV to acquire four AI assets from MyFinB Group, and shall be used to acquire selected accounting firms and infuse their operations with our proprietary AI expert systems.

The immediate goal is to transform their businesses, making them leaner, more tech-proficient and value adding to their clients using AI in 10 key areas. This will have the effect of positive revaluation of the firms, with healthy topline and bottomline along with a decent multiplier.

This programme offers practical experience-building and skill-acquisition goals for youths in order to open up more opportunities for their career or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Proprietary AI technology

Four AI Systems that deploy Natural Language Generation (NLG) capabilities to serve more than 5,000 existing clients with:

Board reporting and effectiveness

Internal audit planning

Financial and risk assessment

Market and industry reviews

Becoming Trusted Advisors in 10 Key Areas

AI Systems To Be Embedded Into Acquired Professional Services Firms To Value Add To Their Existing Clients

The Priorities

AI can give management, board and decision makers a fast and simple way to understand complex and voluminous financial and non financial data. In today’s space, spending money sourcing and aggregating data, spreadsheets and dashboards as mechanisms to understand data simply aren’t value for money.

We are well on our way to building this dream team of professionals and analysts focusing only in the accounting and finance fields for organisations of all types.

The more accounting firms we have in our database, the more value we create downstream for their clients. With greater multiplier effects and using AI to crunch numbers, we can drive up productivity levels and margins.

This covers Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.At present, there is a huge opportunity involving the professional accounting space where accounting firms can be bought at discounted value, and infused with our AI systems to boost their professional services by at least 50%.

Strategic accountants as trusted advisors, look into the future and predict the probabilities for the chances of consolidation and growth phases occurring based on the trajectory of the business, whilst regular activities such as accounting and tax reporting are assumed basic services. We can help boost these in 10 key areas (see later sections).

4 AI Expert Systems to Help Professionals Achieve Higher Productivity Levels

Description and Solution Illustrations

Financial & Risk

An AI-powered reporting system that identifies key risk areas on a company with a forward-looking perspective. It helps report users to understand and evaluate key risks quickly for purposes of financing, transacting or partnering with the subject company.

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Board Reporting & Effectiveness

World’s first AI toolkit for Boards to review company performance, strengthen foresight for governance, risk, and compliance. TAFGAI brings AI-driven insights into the boardroom, aiding decision making in areas such as strategic benchmarking, M&A strategies, investment strategies, managing human capital, scenario planning and integrated reporting.

Internal Audit Control

An AI-based platform for audit risk assessment aimed at assisting external auditors in their audit planning. The system eliminates the key pain point of most small-medium practitioners (SMPs) which is manual approach of assessing audit risks and audit programs.

Market & Industry Reviews

Deploys proprietary algorithms and Machine Learning – making customised market research faster and cheaper, cutting down project timelines from weeks and months to hours and days.