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AI Blog

Latest news on Artificial Intelligence and its applications on the globe. 

Hospital studying if artificial intelligence can stop school violence

“What if scientists could use artificial intelligence (AI) to create a tool that could prevent school shootings or other violence?

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center researchers are working on just that. A team there announced Thursday that the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development awarded it a five-year grant totaling $2.8 million to develop an automated risk assessment system, designed to detect potential school violence and prevent it.”

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AI put to work at SA’s largest port

“Flinders Ports has an ambition – to make it as easy as possible to move containers back and forth as they work their way through South Australia’s major logistics hub. So it is perhaps poetic that the Adelaide company has brought artificial intelligence to bear, to crunch the numbers on the Tetris-like task of getting hundreds of thousands of containers a year on and off ships, and on their way to the end user.”

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Patent Protection Filed For Invention Devices Generated By AI

“The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) into new and unexpected aspects of modern life turned a new corner in recent months when patent applications were filed in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on behalf of an AI machine named “DABUS” which invented two new products.”

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