Welcome to Digital AI Labs (DIAL) Programme

DiAL is a scheme of arrangement that helps organisations build and own A.I. expert systems – to solve a specific issue with a commercial goal in mind. DiAL involves industry partners who will share and contribute data, methodology, system and clientele network, whereas we provide our expertise to develop the digital assets. All DiAL projects involve co-ownership and therefore, becomes a bespoke model for the DiAL partner to monetise and commercialise the AI asset as a software-as-a-service for its clients and the general public.

Optimising financial and human capital strategies

Optimising financial and human capital strategies

Strategic creation of personal financial wealth

Easing the work involved in Integrated Reporting

Effectiveness of dialysis treatment for patients

Toolkit for student mentoring

Effectiveness of learning and teaching methods

Toolkit for judges for more informed decisions

Impact & implications of marketing campaigns

Social impact & needs analysis from public sentiment

Alignment & Effectiveness of Workforce

Equity platform with automated value investing research

Measures the social impact of activities conducted by enterprises

Risk-based audit planning for audit professionals

Budget planning for family nucleus and households

Assessing risks associated with a business or person for premium setting

Customised strategies for companies to achieve 10x sales growth

Platform for educators and learners to be future-ready

Platform for auditors to get technical assistance

Financial planning for families with special needs children

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