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LG’s research lab aims to develop super-giant AI resembling human brain

"....LG's super-giant AI will have the capabilities of top human experts in each field, including software development, data analysis, and customer counseling..."

The artificial intelligence research laboratory of South Korea’s LG Group unveiled the goal of developing a super-giant AI platform that resembles a human brain structure and can deduce data and understand images and videos as well as language in a three-year project that would cost more than $100 million.

LG AI Research said in an online talks concert on May 17 that it would develop a super-giant AI that can think, learn, judge and act comprehensively and autonomously, not limited to specific uses, like a human brain. The immediate goal is to establish a global top 3 level of AI computing infrastructure before expanding it to the world’s best level.

“We will lead the latest AI technology with talented people who dream the same thing to improve the universal quality of life as well as provide customers with a more pleasant, convenient, healthier and happier life,” LG AI Research head Bae Kyung-hoon said, vowing to unveil research results in the second half of 2021.

Bae aims to develop AI that is way beyond the ability of GPT-3, an autoregressive language model created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI research lab. GPT-3 with a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters uses deep learning to produce human-like text. with a capacity of 175 billion machine learning parameters. The quality of the text generated by GPT-3 is so high that it is difficult to distinguish from that written by a human.

LG’s super-giant AI will have the capabilities of top human experts in each field, including software development, data analysis, and customer counseling. In order to improve the quality of counseling services provided by customer centers, it can be used as virtual advisors that summarize the counseling history of each customer, allowing counselors to provide services tailored to each customer’s individual situation.

Applied to customer counseling chatbots, it can analyze customer feelings revealed in sentences or conversations and provide a natural and satisfying service.Bae’s lab said the super-giant AI can drastically shorten the process of developing products. If experts describe the user interface in human language, AI can dramatically conduct software coding.

With its super-giant AI, LG would accelerate the discovery of new materials in next-generation batteries and high-efficiency light-emitting fields while automatically analyzing 250 years of papers and patents in the chemical field to build a database that can speed up the development of safer and longer-lasting electric vehicles and discover high-efficiency materials. It will be applied to the development of anti-cancer vaccines using a human immune system and eco-friendly plastic materials.


Source: AJU News


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