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Artificial intelligence could influence our choices in love and politics: Cheeky new experiment

ince the advent of the smart phone, those damned algorithms have been working to control our thoughts and feelings.For those people who are rolling their eyes at this claim, artificial intelligence – AI – is making you do that too. Any time now.In a new series of experiments, AI algorithms…

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Congress-created commission calls for spending billions on artificial intelligence to defeat China

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s final report to Congress urges the federal government to prioritize artificial intelligence innovation now and spend billions of taxpayer dollars or risk getting left behind in China’s dust. A 2018 defense bill created the commission to guide policymakers on artificial intelligence issues. The commission is chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt…

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Mathematical Models Predict the Recent Political Insurgencies and Suggest Possible Remedies to the Effect of Social Media

Aimdyn, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence Research Company in California that uses Machine Learning Algorithms in order to make predictions based on big data has found mathematical evidence of correlations between the current large social media platforms' structure and algorithms, and the increased frequency of political insurgencies like the BLM protests of the…

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