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Board Directors Can Do More With AI

Corporate governance is an evolving area that changes with policy matters and economic reforms in a country. There is notably an increasing pressure on the board of directors and management to implement policies; while maintaining a healthy culture and good corporate governance responsibility across the organisation.

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New Way Forward to Formulate Strategic Plans

The Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI), the social innovation arm of MyFinB Group, has launched a series of capacity building programme to help diverse types of organisations with strategic planning, using AI. This was implemented in view of the volatility of the business environment that causes many organisations to adopt reactive strategies rather than proactive ones. However, reactive strategies or “fire-fighting” are typically only viable as a short-term solution, even though they may require spending significant resources and time to execute them.

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Professional Firms Get AI Boost for their Clients

InfoTrust, a Singapore-based, award-winning ICT company, is embarking on a journey to build internal competencies in AI to disrupt traditional professional services such as corporate reporting solutions. The primary goal is for InfoTrust to build a suite of AI solutions using predictive and prescriptive analytics, to boost its existing suite of solutions for the Singapore market as a start.

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Your Eyes as Window to Your Health

The Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) India has successfully facilitated the collaboration between two start-up firms, HEAL (Singapore) and AiSEON (India), to combine their technologies using AI to identify and explain early warning signals for diabetic retinopathy – a major consequence of diabetes, is the leading cause of vision loss in working-age adults worldwide, which can result in blindness.

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AI in Healthcare

In order to transform the way healthcare is being delivered to patients, the Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) Global @ MyFinB has produced a personalized patient care expert system to help medical institutions communicate the medical conditions and expenditure to their patients in a timely, accurate and efficient way. This system called HEAL, contains analytical modules that help interpret patient prognosis with their own personalised health roadmaps, taking into account their lifestyles, medical conditions and health metrics.

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AI can Help Improve Business Outcomes

Brunei Entrepreneurs, Startups and Innovators now are being given the opportunity to take advantage of digitalization and develop their own AI prototype systems. This opportunity was unveiled as part of the event called Business Exploration & Opportunities: AI for Young Entrepreneurs. This event was organised by Al-Huffaz as the main organiser, along with its co-organiser : Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) on 19 February 2022.

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3-in-1 AI Solutions @ Global Chamber

On 31st July 2021, the Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) announced and launched the world’s first 3-in -1, Learn-Build-Deploy AI solutions (TRL 4-6) without coding and programming – relying just on experience, knowledge and skillset of participants (refer to www.MyFinB.com/caai for more details).

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Making AI Accessible

We are pleased to announce that the Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) Malaysia @ MyFinB, is partnering with SIRIM Bhd, a national standards body in Malaysia to introduce Certification in Applied AI (CAAI) to the Malaysian workforce.

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