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APARA / MyFinB partnership launches programme to help those without knowledge of coding and programming build AI solutions

Said Ms Shanlynn Lee, “Disruptions like the pandemic are no longer uncommon and unpredictable ‘black swan’ events. The high threat of natural disasters, political unrest, economic crises, and pandemics will continue, so enterprises must build the capabilities they need to mitigate such disruptions. Many companies make promises about AI, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. However, a set of common factors to consider includes, less costs, shorten time, and proven test cases.”

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90% of Workforce can now be Reskilled and Upskilled with AI

“…Prof M Nazri Muhd, the Founder of MyFinB and the Centre for AI Innovation CEAI) explains, “The partnership with Colin and Global Chamber Manila is a very important step towards making AI accessible to the majority of the workforce in the Philippines who do not know coding, programming and machine learning. They have experience and knowledge that can be harnessed and converted into AI platforms that can produce insights based on their skillset.”

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Bangladesh Launches First Applied AI Certification Programme

“In recent times, there has been a flurry of activity around platform offerings targeted at users with little or development experience. The Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI), powered by MyFinB and in partnership local company Light over Light, challenges new boundaries of AI adoption.”

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