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Making AI Accessible

: MFB partners with the National Standards Body in Malaysia for AI Certification

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (11, September 2021) – We are pleased to announce that the Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) Malaysia @ MyFinB, is partnering with SIRIM Bhd, a national standards body in Malaysia to introduce Certification in Applied AI (CAAI) to the Malaysian workforce.

According to SIRIM President and CEO, Dato Dr Ahmad Sabirin Arshad, “Building AI is often considered complicated, especially with the various formulas, rules, methods, algorithms, etc. needed to ensure that the AI is modeled accordingly and work as planned. Adding to the difficulties is the coding skill required to program the AI. Not many are naturally borned as developer, moreover as AI builder. However, things has changed. 

SIRIM is taking this opportunity to embark on the journey of building AI with no code. In collaboration with MyFinB, SIRIM will organize a webinar to introduce the program known as Certification in Applied AI. It is a specially designed programme for anyone without coding or programming skills in order to gain experiential learning/project capstone over a three-month period. During the project capstone component of the course, participants will define a business problem, explain how AI can help, and identify the leadership strategy needed to successfully implement the proposed solution.”

The CAAI marks a new approach to convert 99% of workforce in any organisation to learn, build and deploy AI solutions (TRL 4 – 6) by using conversational language and not programming or complicated codes. This forms part of the important upskilling process for people in functional or strategic roles without AI/ML technical skills.

We look forward to this exciting, new partnership with SIRIM on powering up standards and quality assurance work, among others, with an AI-driven approach for Malaysian industries.

For more enquiries, please email to corpcomms@myfinb.com.