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Future of Finance with AI – Closed

  • 8th April 2021
  • 12pm – 1pm (SA Time, GMT+2)
  • 6pm – 7pm (KL/SGTime, GMT+8)

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As finance professionals evolve and function as business strategists, they continue to face a multitude of strategic challenges within their function, ranging from talent management to business analytics to evolving service delivery models.

While serving as catalysts of change across the enterprise—supporting innovation and experimentation in the pursuit of improved business and operating models— finance professionals must also track costs and prioritize technology investments that will infuse the finance function with the efficiency and agility necessary to grow their businesses in the years ahead. And, as they look to balance their traditional finance activities and their obligations as strategic leaders, many see their value to the business shifting.

Key trends that the financial community should take note of, moving forward:

The exponential growth in data

Structured and unstructured data can be now analyzed for insights and utilized to drive decision-making—a capability that will need to be maintained as data continues to proliferate.

Lower computing costs

With the growing acceptance of the cloud, companies can now access computing power often at a lower cost than previously.

Smarter algorithms

Algorithms have gained the capacity to drive innovation and communication, as well as changing how finance drives value across the organization.

Faster processing speed

Millions of transactions can now be handled in real time, with data extracted and fed into the finance processes that drive decision-making.

Those major advances are helping to drive such emerging technologies as cognitive computing, which is embedded in many software applications, automating such traditionally human capabilities as planning, reasoning, and learning; the Internet of Things, which enables devices to transmit data using the internet; and robotic process automation—technology capable of executing rote tasks.

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