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Financial Review - Level 2 (Mandarin Version)


$89.90 exc. tax and admin & processing fee.

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Analytical Features

Financial Insights, Financial Profile, Financial Drivers (4 Pillars), Financial Risk Checklist (2 phases), Key Financial Metrics, Key Financial Ratios, Glossaries

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Step 1: Purchase the report and get get purchase ID / order ID

Add to cart , check out and make payment. An invoice will be sent to your registered email address with the purchase ID. This ID will be used to key in the input form later.

Step 2: Provide required input via Input Form.

Input form

Please provide the data via the form below for us to generate for you. Data can be submitted after you have made the order.

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If you are getting the analysis (financial review level #1 - #3 / Restore and Rebuild) for more than one (1) company, we suggest you choose to upload financial data using bulk data form instead of keying in.

If you are getting Financial Review Ultimate+ (ListedCo) reports, please select C. Key in Listed Companies.

Download Bulk XBRL Data Template.

Download Bulk Full Financial Statements Data Template (For PREMIUM).




30/11 - 4/12/2020 (Archived)

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