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World's First Integrated CFO Platform Using The Best of AI-Human Decisioning Systems

Finance is no longer regarded as just an accounting function. Gone are the days where CFOs are mere financial custodians, a reactive advisor focusing on specialty finance, or hindered by technology.

In today’s digital age, CFOs must evolve to assume the role of an enterprise-wide strategist, an innovation and change leader, and a proactive decision maker, as well as utilize technology to look at the bigger picture. CFOs today are expected to embrace technology to strategize and help drive businesses, giving rise to what we call the “Digital CFO”.

DigitalCFO by MyFinB is powered by an analytical platform that convert financial statements automatically into detailed, narrative insights – and make better decisions. It is a post-accounting tool to help make evaluation, assessment and recommendations accurately in a timely manner.

9 Core Areas of Intervention

Bridging Businesses with Strategic Financial Expertise using A.I.

Digital coaching on these 9 SME needs are available. Contact us for more details.

Why DigitalCFO?

Post-accounting AI tool that enhances your accounting reports beyond visuals and dashboards.

Simplifies the process of consulting and enhances the potential of data and human intelligence - bringing higher revenue and profitability to your firm.

Who uses DigitalCFO?

Your advisory business becomes a much more efficiently managed activity that brings much value to your clients. Over time, you will create new competency that attract leads, clients, and revenue to your business.

Financial Review Series

Making numbers & strategies talk sense.

Sample Reports

Level #1

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Level #2

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Level #3 / Ultimate+ (Enterprise)

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Ultimate+ (Listed Co)

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