AIWS'21 // Track #14

#14 - The Future of Education

Key discussion points

Education is evolving, the results of a growing global population with a keen thirst for knowledge. But how can today's schools and universities prepare students for the future?


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1. What are the major issues in education today?

Are there key differences for such issues between developed and emerging economies? Learning crisis is growing in Covid-era with 50% students worldwide affected by full or partial school closures; nearly one-third cannot access remote learning. Without access to digital technologies, millions are at risk of losing access to education, and that gap has been the biggest difference between developed and emerging economies.

2. How can AI shape the way education is being learned or taught?

Do you think there are social costs attached to learning via AI? AI can shape learning in many ways and prepare students for changing future of work. AI education/skilling for all is the starting point. Also using AI in subject education and AI for education governance can be next steps. Empowering next-generation on technical and social skills related to AI is important.

3. What are the major edtech technologies that you find most fascinating and potentially impactful in the future?

AI, Smart Edge & Cloud technologies, connectivity solutions, are all critical edtech technologies, that are considered superpowers to drive education change and accelerate impact for future of learning and work. Also any new technology should be integrated with human-centric approaches as work and learning remain an integral social experiences.

4. Does AI make students less smart?

No. When learnt and used responsibility, AI can help students gain more with collective intelligence generated from human-machine partnership. Students should be provided more resources and opportunities to be skilled for an AI fuelled world so that they unlock true potential for self and society by solving global challenges ahead.

Anshul Sonak – Senior Director, Global AI and Digital Readiness, Global Partnerships & Initiatives Group, Intel Corporation

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