‘The AI World Summit: Where Innovators & Disruptors Meet to Challenge Limits’ brings together the global AI community from a range of businesses, science and tech to go beyond the buzz and hype, discuss the most burning AI issues, share their developments, successes, challenges, and the resultant impact on their businesses.


Track 1 - 3

Track 4 - 6

Track 7 - 9

Track 10 - 12

Track 13 - 15


#1 - Ethics & Artificial Intelligence

Key discussion points

As artificial intelligence plays an ever greater role in our world, the question of ethics in our use of AI gains greater urgency.

#2 - AI Perception & Reality

Key discussion points

Given the hype surrounding artificial intelligence, businesses are now exceptionally eager to deploy this emerging technology. 

#3 - Conversion Of Research Into AI

Key discussion points

Universities are poised to make new breakthrough by converting their academic research into AI systems.

#4 - Venture Capitalist vs Venture Building

Key discussion points

Creating value for entrepreneurs by way of dollar capital and expertise - but what do start-ups really need most?

#5 - Stock Investing & AI

Key discussion points

Using Deep Learning AI to Predict the Stock Market: To what extent would this work for investment vs trading purposes?

#6 - AI & Cryptos

Key discussion points

The collaborative effort of blockchain technology and AI appears to be an undiscovered territory, yet widely talked about. Where are we on this?

#7 - Board Effectiveness Reviews Using AI

Key discussion points

Well-focused boards distinguish the adequate context in which to perform a supervisory role and in which to offer support to management.

#8 - Healthcare & AI

Key discussion points

AI to emulate human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and healthcare data.

#9 - AI & Governments

Key discussion points

Governments are looking to AI to improve their policymaking and service delivery. Two obstacles: the technology is often over-hyped, and the moral and ethical issues it raises.

#10 - Supply Chain & AI

Key discussion points

AI could optimize the delivery of goods while balancing supply and demand, and wouldn’t require human analysis except for the setting of parameters.

#11 - SDG Measurement Using AI

Key discussion points

As organisations increasingly monitor and manage their contributions to the SDGs, the demand for good data is bound to grow. We expect to see a rise in data-driven social enterprises.

#12 - AI's Role in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Key discussion points

Firms are looking for GRC solutions that can be deployed to large numbers of users without extensive training, yet able to deal with rising complexities.

#13 - Diversity & Board Performance

Key discussion points

Companies are broadening the range of backgrounds for board member positions, allowing them to attract more "diverse" directors - does this create more impact?

#14 - The Future of Education

Key discussion points

Education is evolving, the results of a growing global population with a keen thirst for knowledge. But how can today's schools and universities prepare students for the future?

#15 - The Future of Cooperatives

Key discussion points

Cooperatives can be powerful drivers of economic development for their communities. In spite of competing demands on financial resources, how can they promote economic development amidst Covid-19?

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