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Standard Report - My Financial Solution

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$28.88 exc. tax and admin & processing fee.

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Add to cart , check out and make payment. An invoice will be sent to your registered email address. Please take note of the order / purchase ID (for e.g. #12345). It will be used in the input form later.

Step 2: Provide Input via Input Form

Get ready with your data and submit the information at the end of this page. Once input is sufficiently submitted, report(s) will be generated and sent to your registered email address as per SLA. <br> <br>Please do kindly check your spam box just in case the email might go there.

Add More Insights to Your MFS Standard Report

Browse the standard version product of MFS and add-on more sub-reports to again more insights for better decision-making.

My Financial Solution - Standard Report
@ RM120

RoboAdvisor Report For Automating Financial Planning And Wealth Creation For Property Purchases

Personality Insights - MFS Add-on
@ RM25

"Personality Insights" derives insights of an individual personality characteristics from social media, enterprise data, or other digital communications. Our analytical capability can automatically infer, from potentially noisy social media, portraits of individuals that reflect their attributes.

Property Planning Filters - MFS Add-on
@ RM15

"Property Planning" report informs you the potential estimated financing amount versus the actual affordability financial amount. It also estimates how many properties you are likely able to get based on varied pricing. The premium section "Choices" filters through large database of properties and indicates how many potential options of property available for you based on your preference.

Monthly Scenario Analysis - MFS Add-on
@ RM20

"Monthly Scenario Analysis" Report looks into different scenarios of the proportion of expenses over income. From the report whether it is low, reasonable, moderate or high. Each changes in income and expenses would have an impact on your resources and lifestyle. Hence, these scenarios helps you predict and plan accordingly to achieve your desired financial status.

Economic Outlook - MFS Add-on
@ RM5

"Economic Outlook" Report reveal a macro picture of the Malaysia economy at the present time based on official data collected. The report also highlight its impact on each individual. This is an important factor to take into account when making an important financial decision.

Market Insights - MFS Add-on
@ RM5

"Market Insights" Report gives an overall sentiment and snapshot of the current property market in Malaysia. The insight is derived from unstructured data available on internet such as news, magazines and research. When considering an important financial decision, the analysis could be useful.

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