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$950.00 exc. tax and admin & processing fee.

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Report Features

Executive Summary, What The Co-op Needs To Do, Top Emerging Trends, Distribution / Sources Of News (Excepts Only), Financial Snapshot, Financial Impact, Key Findings, Cause-and-Effect Analysis, Liquidity Insights, Working Capital Analysis, Financial And Social Capital Impact, Strategic Audit Areas, Key Financial Ratios, Benchmark & Variance Analysis, Comparative Analysis – Industry, Financial Statements, Cashflow Statements, Enhanced Ratios

Inputs Required

Financial Data.

INPUT FORM is placed at the end of this page.

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Step 1: Purchase the report and get get purchase ID / order ID

Add to cart , check out and make payment. An invoice will be sent to your registered email address with the purchase ID. This ID will be used to key in the input form later.

Step 2: Provide required input via Input Form.

Input Form

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Please provide the details of the cooperative(s) that is/are going to be analysed. You are required to provide full financial statements of the cooperative(s). You may consider using the data template (xlsx. file) to fill up with the required data and upload it at this form.

The template is as below:

DOWNLOAD Full Financial Statement Data Template.

Upload Financial Data

Annual Report / Financial Statements. File types: xlsx, csv, xml, doc, pdf.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
If the file(s) to be uploaded is too heavy (more than 20mb), please upload it to cloud drive and share the link with us.

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