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Bringing Strategy to Data

With Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Introducing A.C.E.

RoboAdvisor for Cooperative Supervision and Intervention

ACE is an AI-powered digital platform that evaluates the financial and strategic effectiveness of a cooperative ; and lays out a tailor-made roadmap to help it achieve tangible and intangible outcomes.

How can 14,625 cooperatives be transformed into a viable, future-ready entities using AI?

The Key Focus

Regulators need to deploy AI technologies to stay ahead of the IR4.0 curve. They need to help cooperatives strengthen their governance, optimise their risk-return capital structure and achieve foresight to be relevant - beyond playing just a compliance role.

AI can help provide management, board and decision makers a fast and simple way to understand complex and voluminous data.We feel that in today’s space, spending money sourcing and aggregating data, spreadsheets and dashboards as mechanisms to understand data simply aren’t value for money.

Current State

"TransKoM outlines the goals and comprehensive strategic measures to ensure that the cooperative movement can provide greater benefits to the wellbeing of members and the community, as well as establish competitiveness and sustainability.In addition, it also aims to transform the Malaysian Cooperative Institute into a higher education institution that specialises in cooperative education and entrepreneurship.

- Malaysian Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (Medac), 5 Jan 2021 tweet

Tackling Key Painpoints

Faced by Regulators

High volume, fragmented data across 14,625 co-ops.

Financial health & intervention plans for each co-op

Timeliness of reporting and frequency

Integrated reporting / social impact measurement

Predictive insights & scenario planning for each co-op

Automated reporting & surveillance

ACE AI Digital Platform

Single Platform to Monitor 14,625 Co-ops

Health Check


AI Engine


Capacity Building


Roadmap / Action Plans


How MyFinB AI Is Used

Using AI, we help you understand your current and past data, and identify new variables to project future scenarios and probable outcomes. More importantly, our Al engine provides recommendations on the best course of action to take given a set of circumstances – so that you can make objective, accurate and timely decisions without bias, fatigue or errors.

Get ACE - Co-operative Insights Report now!

360-degree review of the management and effectiveness of cooperatives / social enterprises.



ACE Report

Detailed insights of your cooperative's financial health, with key focus areas, recommendations and impact assessment.

2-hour One-on-One Discussion x 5

Five sessions to go through your cooperative's strategies and move into actions over two hours. (For Premium+ Package Only)

1-hour Group Workshop x 3

Monthly virtual workshops (x3) to go through concepts and applications on a scheduled basis.


LITE Sample Report

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PREMIUM Sample Report

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Please provide the details of the cooperative(s) that is/are going to be analysed. You are required to provide full financial statements of the cooperative(s). You may consider using the data template (xlsx. file) to fill up with the required data and upload it at this form.

The template is as below:

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Upload Financial Data

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