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Professional Certificate In
Applied Analytics

For Undergrads & Fresh Grads Without Working Experience
(No Coding or Programming Required)

A 3-month online programme with guided exposure to a portfolio of industry projects using AI/Analytics

In today's environment, the job market is increasingly challenging and employers are highly selective on the types of skills and experience that candidates bring to organisations. For undergraduates and recently graduates, this is a wake-up call and calls for the need to build up their experience by applying problem solving skills into actual projects with industry players.

This programme offers practical experience-building and skill-acquisition goals for youths in order to open up more opportunities for their career or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Special Highlights

Weekly 1 hour lecture: group briefing, individual sharing and panel discussion

3-month project learning from industry practitioners: exposure: up to 12 verticals

1-on-1 tutorials and mentorship guidance

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The course is scheduled to start in February 2022 (subject to changes). Administration is open now.

Learning objectives

Topics covered

Step up your SME Strategies with a Professional Certificate in Advisory Analytics.


RM980 / pax

Subject to 6% SST and 5% admin & processing fee.

(Usual Price: RM1,800 / pax)

Learning Journey

Track 1: Foundation

Learn key concepts, understanding various AI models, case studies, assignments.

Track 2: Intermediate

Research on AI applications with project assignments linked to industry pain points; develop blueprint design and solutions

Track 3: Advanced

Actual industry engagements and solutions design with industry players on their AI projects – by applying what you have learnt in Foundation and Intermediate levels – into building an AI framework and decision tree model.

The course is scheduled to start in February 2022 (subject to changes). Administration is open now.

Interactive Learning

There are 3 core modules for participants to exchange views and knowledge with the trainers and facilitators as well as peers.

Virtual Learning




Lead Trainer

Ranked #1 ‘Global Thought Leader‘ by Thinkers360

M Nazri

Founder / CEO, MyFinB Group
Chairman, Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI)
President, AI World Summit Council
Hon-Consul, Cabo Verde (West Africa)

Analytics experience since 1999 in top US and European financial institutions and an international rating agency before heading an award-winning AI Group represented in 20+ countries.

Currently leads the AI advisory team in managing more than 500 digital transformation projects as part of the University-Industry Partnership and the Digital AI Labs (DIAL) programmes for corporations, government agencies and non-profit groups.

Accolades: Ranked #1 Globally in AI, Predictive Analytics and Digital Transformation by US-based research group, Thinkers360; Global Chamber Excellence Award for Business Innovation (2020). Young Business Leader Award (AI/Innovation (2010) by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Malaysia). IFN’s Global Winner for Best Data and Analytics Platform (2019)

Listed by Islamica500 as one of the world’s top 500 prominent and influential personalities in the Islamic world and economy (A.I./Fintech).

Member, Board of Governor for Republic Polytechnic (Singapore) and Advisor to its School of Infocomm; and sits on the advisory board of several public and private universities in Malaysia.


About MyFinB Group

MyFinB is an award-winning tech company that specializes in artificial intelligence.

The company developed its own language generation (NLG) platform with predictive and prescriptive capabilities - a niche area that differentiates itself from any others.

MyFinB helps people understand and communicate what is most important in their data. By transforming data into insightful, human-like language, the company’s natural language technology enables people to be data-driven and make better decisions, focus talent on higher-value opportunities, and create differentiated products.

About Centre for AI innovation (CEAI)

Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) forms part of MyFinB Venture's portfolio of innovative, disruptive projects to guide and support the digital transformation initiatives by organisations and business innovators.

The Centre was founded on the principle that organisations without data scientists or costly AI infrastructure set-up can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently, to build decisioning systems with predictive models - rapidly moving from development to deployment.

This comes with the goal that businesses and other data-centric organizations can easily incorporate AI-driven, cognitive analytics into their routine operations and enhance decision-making processes.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: ceai@myfinb.com | WhatsApp: +601 9919 9149 (Mr Lim)

Score practical experience-building and skill-acquisition goals to open up more opportunities for your career or entrepreneurial pursuits.