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Professional Certificate In

A half-day* Online Programme Series

(*) Unless specified otherwise.

Terms & Conditions


  • The fee is subject to 6% service tax and 5% admin & processing fee.
  • Full payment must be made upon checkout via the online payment platform.
  • The fee includes e-materials subject to the approval of the proprietor.
  • Access to join the programme shall be granted only upon full payment.

  • The Access Link will be emailed to the participants one (1) day before the event.
  • The Access Link is unique and should not be forwarded/ shared with others.
  • The participants are required to login using the same name as in the registration form. Anyone found to have shared the link, will be barred from joining the event.
  • Should MFB/CE.A.I later discover that the access link was shared multiple times, MFB/CE.A.I reserves the right to inform the participant’s company Management on this and to claim for the additional participant(s) fees or if the participant is self-represented, MFB/CE.A.I reserves the right to claim the additional participant(s) fees directly from the individual.

    Upon payment, participant(s) are considered successfully enrolled in the programme. Should participant(s) decide to cancel/ transfer their registration, a cancellation/transfer policy shall be applied as follows:

  • For written cancellation received fourteen (14) working days before the programme, No penalties will be imposed. A refund (less off any platform fees charged by third party platform) will be made to participants who have paid.
  • No refunds will be made for written cancellations received on the event day or no written cancellation received or participant(s) who failed to join the programme.
  • Unpaid registration will also be liable for full payment of the registration fees (subject to 6% service tax and 5% admin & processing fee).
  • Partial cancellation is not allowed.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute cancellation. You can substitute an alternate participant for the same event (transfer your seat). Substitution must be received in writing strictly 7 (seven) working days before the programme if you wish to avoid the cancellation charges. Any differences in fees will be charged accordingly.

  • Note: Working days are counted from Monday to Friday and backwards excludingthe day of the event/ weekends/ public holidays.


    Participants will be issued with an e-Certificate of Attendance and awarded CPE hours (subject to MFB/CE.A.I’s partnership with the partnering professional bodies) upon attending at least 80% of the time allocated for the event. For this purpose, it is COMPULSORY to fill in the email address clearly.


    The materials of this certificate programme shall not be disclosed or used in any manner, either wholly or partially against any other parties and/ or used in any manner, either wholly or partially as a defence by you and/ or any other parties under any circumstances. The participants are therefore prohibited from reproducing any materials of this programme. All copyright and/ or intellectual property rights in any relevant materials produced in this programme will remain with the party who produced such materials. MFB/CE.A.I disclaims responsibility for the materials of this programme that were not produced directly by us.. Neither the MFB/CE,A.I or any of its Boards or Committees nor its staff shall be responsible or liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising in any way out of or in connection with any persons relying upon the materials provided during the programme.


    Information given by the participants to MFB/CE.A.I is true, accurate and to the best of their knowledge. The participants have read and agreed with the Personal Data Policy as stated on MFB/CE.A.I’s official website other than what is provided under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. Allow MFB/CE.A.I to collect, process, retain and use your personal data in relation to this programme and to promote MFB/CE.A.I’s other events/programmes.


    This programme shall not constitute an endorsement of the speaker(s) by MFB/CE.A.I. MFB/CE.A.I shall not be liable for whatsoever circumstances arising from any engagement between the speaker(s) and the programme’s participant(s).


    MFB/CE.A.I reserves the right to change the programme’s, date(s), time(s) or cancel the programme should circumstances beyond its control arise. MFB/CE.A.I shall not be responsible for any costs, damages or losses incurred by the participant(s) due to the changes and/ or cancellation. MFB/CE.A.I also reserves the right to make alternative arrangements without prior notice should it be necessary to do so.

    Should you have any questions, please contact us at: ceai@myfinb.com | WhatsApp: +601 9919 9149 (Mr Lim)​