The Summit would not be a success without partners and supporting organisations. We collaborate with top organisations around the world to build a thriving AI community and together we leverage AI’s transformation potential to create a better future. More are coming onboard.


The Kingsley Strategic Institute (KSI) aims to provide strategic advice, high level executive briefings, international conferences, policy roundtables and national summits. In line with the revived Malaysia Inc concept to foster closer public- private sector cooperation KSI organises top level exclusive briefings and policy dialogues and provide policy inputs to government derived from policy analysis.

KSI is a bridge between Government and Business: (1) KSI Institute’s value propositions are our commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity. (2) KSI Institute helps companies and organizations prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Age of Disruption through meetings of minds sharing new ideas, insights and intelligence. (3) KSI is also the Secretariat for the prestigious Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia China Economic Cooperation Council (MCECC), and Dialog Rakyat.

Global Chamber® is a one-of-kind virtual and growing community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 regions around the world… everywhere… focused on helping companies grow in more than one metro area. It is the ONLY organization in the world with hundreds of locations that helps executives grow their company through warm connections and a variety of virtual services. Global Chamber’s vision is a world where doing cross metro and cross border business is as easy as selling across the street. It also provides members with virtual connections, training, and information just right to grow… helping members connect with customers, partners and experts to grow across metros and borders. When members engage with Global Chamber, risk is reduced, and growth accelerates.

Network: Growing in 525 Metros

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MACD is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee and was founded in the year 2009 with the goal to further develop the Malaysian corporate directors with higher levels of entrepreneurship, corporate strategic execution and with best methods in corporate governance. For this to happen, MACD continues to establish and maintain contacts amongst top-ranking business leaders, both locally and internationally. MACD additionally provides a forum for members to network and exchange ideas for businesses and public affairs advancements, as well as offer assistance in service and interventions, to members in improving their board’s efficiency and value collectively. Thus, MACD remains dedicated to advancing boardroom leadership and improvement of members’ personal proficiencies by encouraging education and lifelong learning.

Global Network of Director Institutes

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USA Inc.

Antuñano Niño Mojica y Aguilar SC

Takemp Services Ltd

Smartbrain Tech SL

New Zealand
Centrix Group and CreditWorks Group

Amanie Advisors CIS LLC

Alliance Group Holding

Amusetic Co, Ltd

VSAPAC Capital Management LLP

South Korea
VSAPAC Capital Management LLP

Vector Scorecard (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd. / MyFinB (S) Pte. Ltd.

Expert Analytic Centre (M) Sdn Bhd. / MyFinB (M) Sdn. Bhd.

MyFinB (ID) Pte. Ltd.

TeamWork Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Eigix IT Solutions

Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Sri Lanka
Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Maverick Global Ventures Pte. Ltd.

South Africa
GMT Investcorp Pty Ltd

Ivory Coast
Paulo Gomes & Partners Pte. Ltd. and Strategic HR Africsearch CI

Paulo Gomes & Partners Pte. Ltd. and Strategic HR Africsearch CI

Paulo Gomes & Partners Pte. Ltd. and Strategic HR Africsearch CI

Paulo Gomes & Partners Pte. Ltd. and Strategic HR Africsearch CI

Paulo Gomes & Partners Pte. Ltd. and Strategic HR Africsearch CI

Evolutis Projects Development SARL


The 30% Club is a campaign group of Chairs and CEOs taking action to increase gender diversity on boards and senior management teams. It was established in the United Kingdom in 2010 by Dame Helena Morrissey with the aim of achieving a minimum of 30% female representation on FTSE 100 boards. That target was reached in September 2018. The Club now also has chapters in Australia, Brazil, Canada, East Africa, GCC, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Southern Africa, Turkey and the United States. the Club continues to expand its global footprint and has exceeded its original UK goal, with 32.5% women sitting on FTSE 100 Boards as at September 2019.

The 30% Club adopts a collaborative, business-led approach – it does not believe in mandatory quotas and supports a voluntary approach aimed at realizing meaningful, sustainable change. The campaign’s efforts are complementary to individual company efforts and existing groups, adding to these through measurable goals, collaboration and the visible and voluntary commitment of senior business leaders. The campaign focuses on amplifying the business case for gender diversity which evidences that diverse teams make better decisions.


Australia | Brazil | Canada | Chile | East Africa | MENA | Hong Kong | Ireland | Italy | Japan | Malaysia | Southern Africa | Turkey | United Kingdom | United States

First established in 2002, Republic Polytechnic (RP) had an initial enrolment of just 800. Over the years, RP has grown from strength to strength building our reputation as a tertiary institution of academic excellence. Today, it homes to a lively community of about 14,000 students and more than 1,000 staff. The first educational institution in Singapore to leverage the Problem-based Learning approach for all its diploma programmes, RP has seven schools offering courses in Applied Science, Engineering, Management and Communication, Hospitality, Infocomm, Sports, Health & Leisure, and Technology for the Arts. To support Singapore’s national effort to promote continuous, lifelong learning, our Academy for Continuing Education (ACE) offers a wide range of part-time programmes.

Republic Polytechnic is committed to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial learning in an environment that develops problem-solving skills and lifelong learning opportunities. Its holistic and broad-based curriculum prepares students for an active and meaningful role in society as problem solvers, respected professionals and passionate citizens. Republic Polytechnic strives for excellence by achieving various international and national accreditations, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22301, Singapore Quality Class, People Developer, Innovation Class, and Service Class.

Kanzun originates from the Arabic word meaning Treasure. In Japanese, Kanzun means Complete/Perfect. Combined together, we have Complete Treasure. We believe that we have the complete combination of expertise to manage our Investors’ and stakeholders’ wealth into growing viable business ventures that will have exponential benefits to mankind.

We are a dynamic team of professionals helping SMEs and Start-Ups grow and prosper. We work with a multitude of ecosystem players to achieve business success and work towards a common goal, that is shared wealth creation while maintaining the fairness of transactions.

As the new dawn of technology emerges itself in the real economy, we start seeing real positive changes in how things are being run. The proliferation of dynamic and innovative business models requires investors to be astute with the development of trends and how well received these new innovations are in the market. The emergence of Sharing Economy, such as GrabCar, AirBnB, ZeptoExpress to name a few are examples of successful collaborative economy involving the exchange of tangible and intangible with one another at scale.

Founded in the early onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Movementum Consultancy and Facilitation Group (MCFG) offers business consultancy and facilitation solutions from seed to transnational operations. From marketing ice cream to selling global SIM cards to incubating social enterprises and assisting MSMEs through innovative solutions to preparing successful pitches for governments, MCFG has grown to become a reliable partner providing concierge business solutions for its select clientele across various industries and borders. With a local and global reach of consultants and partner networks, MCFG strives to provide its B2B clients the full value for their investment with the company by optimizing solutions, designing innovative strategies and ensuring lucrative margins. Resonating with the our slogan ‘engage growth’, the company strives to deliver the right information to stakeholders, the right motivation to collaborators, results to clients and value to end customers.

Fintech Association of Malaysia (FAOM) aspires to be the key enabler and a national platform to support Malaysia to be the leading hub for FinTech innovation and investment in the region. An application has been made to the Registar of Societies in October 2016. We tie and connect every key enabler in the ecosystem, and create a national platform to support Malaysia to be the leading hub for FinTech and innovation & investment in the region. We help facilitate ecosystem collaboration between FinTech stakeholders in Malaysia with the key objectives to support the Malaysian FinTech community, build awareness & trust in FinTech start-ups to advocate for better policy on behalf of our members.

CIO Academy Asia is a community of senior IT and Digital leaders across Asia. The institute enables tech management gain relevant insights they need to excel and advance in their careers. The institute is a platform where seasoned CIOs, CISOs, CDOs and senior IT management executives impart their practical knowledge each other on how they have navigated through complex issues and challenges within their industry.

iPORTAL is a go-to-global platform for the Islamic Economy education and its application. The new normal is about digitally connecting community and content in the Islamic Economy community with minimal friction: from ambition to knowledge to action. iPORTAL mission is to build and expand channels to Islamic economy with a value system marked by absolute integrity, pursuit of excellence and adherence to responsibilities. As we embrace and share the vision on Islamic economy education, as knowledge is the access gateway for the tens of Millions of young and mature people interested in participating and contributing to the growth, development and expansion, we start the journey of inclusion for all. iPORTAL is about contributing and leading in the new normal and is backed by a team with years of experience in Islamic Finance, Halal Industry, Waqf, Social Media, and IT. We have partnered with the leading stakeholders like AAOIFI, IIFM, PathSolutions, Refinitiv, MDEC, Dinarstandard, Ethica, and many others global organization with 25 member Advisory Board from the 10 sectors of the $3 Trillion Islamic Economy.

APARA (Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association) is a founded on the motivation to help users leverage digital technology to augment human capability and potential. In particular, our team study aspects of Ethical and Responsible uses of AI and Robotics applications. Our membership comprise organizations and professionals in Singapore and the region who are passionate about technology augmenting the workforce vis-à-vis workforce displacement. We collaborate with other industry associations with a common cause as well as research institutes and universities on practical research projects. We aim to:

– Enhance the Use of Robotics to augment Human Capability & Potential
– Stay Connected with a Network of Technology Enablers
– Assist Users to Enjoy the Experience of Transformation Journey

RRS Trade and Investment Group is 100% black female owned and managed company founded by Mrs Ipeleng Selele as a strategy consulting business. The company has evolved into other business areas, including oil, trading and investments in energy assets and technology.RRS Trade and Investment Propriety Limited is a BEE Level 1 enterprise that is female owned. It’s vision is Fuelling Africa’s Growth and development as the leading integrated and innovative energy provider. RRS’s mission is to sustainably deliver profitable, diversified energy solutions through operational excellence, skilled workforce and effective partnership. Its network of developed market and African investors are actively deploying capital on the continent.

Dedicated to improve governance quality in public, non-profit, private, and international organizations to create sustainable value for institutions and society. A sustainable and inclusive future is possible only through the collective action of the society and its institutions. Hence, we support society and its institutions to take steps towards more trust. We realize our goals by combining our world-class expertise with an “integrated governance approach” to improve the quality of life for this generation and the next, and to build partnerships with other organizations.

To achieve these goals:

  • We develop unique methodologies, conduct research, highlight good practices, and promote peer learning opportunuties in order to raise awareness in governance issues for sustainable and inclusive development,
  • We organize experiental training programs involving the experiential learning of governance for children and the young leaders as well as public, private and NGO sector representatives in order to enable the adoption of a culture of good governance by the new generation of leaders
  • We create “knowledge platforms” on recent global developments in governance via seminars, conferences, activities, and digital means in order to provide information and create discussion environments for children and young leaders as well as public, private and NGO sector representatives,
  • We build partnerships with international organizations, universities, public institutions, companies, and NGOs, and carry out our efforts to promote the “key role of governance for a sustainable world and better quality of life” with a greater collective impact achieved through our partnerships.

Women Techmakers is Google’s brand and global program for women in technology. We provide visibility, community, and resources for women in technology to drive innovation and participation in the field.


Picoms International University College was established in April 1993 and only started as a Nursing Training Center or better known as Pusrawi Nursing College or Pusrawi College under the administration of Pusat Rawatan Islam Sdn Bhd (PUSRAWI) or now known as Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd. PICOMS offers a diverse range of quality and industry-driven programmes with more than 15 different programmes. All academic programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and most of them obtained full accreditation status from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) in Malaysia. Professional recognition and accreditation are being sought actively from leading Malaysia and international professional bodies for the relevant professional-related programmes.

AIIRIS is an integrated reporting firm, practising AI intervention in streamlining integrated reporting practices. It’s solution is an expert system that helps corporations to identify gaps and create value creation strategies based on integrated reporting, SDG and ESG principles.

There is too much data floating around fragmented, high volume data and from all sources. Lots of manual work, errors and human bias affecting productivity and topline. There is a need to quicken the turnaround time of integrated reporting processes and/or procedures to make effective strategic decision with sufficient supporting documentation and compliance functions through stronger, predictive, and prescriptive analytical functions in each capital.

AiIRIS assists large corporations and listed companies globally to report strategic information in terms of their six capitals such as financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural. It turns these information into an impactful report on performance and significantly assists organisations to provide a fuller picture of the way in which they create value.

The Dental Academy is a purpose built Dental Clinical Training Academy focusing on Clinical Competency Training For General Dental Practitioners.

Renowned Clinical Specialist in their sub-specialty will conduct the training and teachings organized by The Dental Academy/ Dental Associations/ Principle or Supply Company / Fellowships/ Universities and Other Organization that require dental teaching and simulation infrastructure.

The Dental Academy has a State of art Dental Teaching Facilities that include 26 dental simulators/ Dental microscopes and a futuristic 25-sitter lecture theater.

CS Tech Solutions focuses on the challenges of companies, from startups to corporations, helping them with their strategic goals. Its advisory services relate to their industry, product, the market, where CS Tech Solutions help fix Product Market Fit, Go to Market strategy and the resulting organisation alignment.

CS Tech Solutions’ unique value lies in the ability to consolidate insights across the business and its competitive landscape, to help you form a coherent overall vision – a company road map.

Global Connect Intelligence (“GCI”) is a training and consultancy firm that focus on financial education and with technology synergy to provide effective support to business professionals, entrepreneurs and working individuals with integrative hands-on learning experience. GCI sees the challenges of placing talents for the right jobs to deliver higher performance and recognise the need to provide the board and C-suite personnel with evidence-based insights on organisational, people, and task/project evaluation based on current and future needs through stronger, predictive, and prescriptive analytical functions on human capital capability building and business alignment. GCI’s solution is scorecard system that enhances workforce productivity linked to financial impact with global benchmark.

IYCSB’s expertise is in helping ENTREPRENEURS & COMMUNITIES compile a STUNNING AUTHORITY PROFILE for KEWANGAN POWER and POWER INVESTMENT. NORRIZA MUHAMMAD YUSOF, or better known as MJ (Mak Jerung), founder of Ieza Yusof Consultancy Sdn Bhd. Has more than 18 years of experience in finance as well as investment. Started investing in real estate at the age of 22 until now. There are so many financial and investment mistakes and traps that he has gone through that you must know so that you do not make the same mistakes. Mak Jerung will share with you how MJ builds investment wealth by using proper financial profile & management. Her previous travel story kept him strong to help more people out there to own real estate and become smart investors. It is not easy to create income, tired of work / business, do not melt in the middle until you do not find a way to retire.

A young and vibrant law firm in Malaysia, who believes that legal services should be accessible, easy to understand and have value for money. The firm’s vision has resonated strongly with its clients, and as a result it has been consistently recognised as a leading firm in its areas of practice by numerous external publications and rankings:

(a) Legal 500 Asia Pacific : Leading Firm for Labour and Employment (2017 & 2018), Recommended Lawyer for Labour and Employment (Donovan Cheah – 2017 & 2018), Leading Firm for Corporate, M&A (2018), Recommended Lawyer for Corporate, M&A (Donovan Cheah, Shawn Ho – 2018), Recommended Firm for Corporate, M&A (2017); (b) Asialaw Profiles: Notable Firm for Labour and Employment (2019); (c) IFLR1000: Notable Firm for M&A (2019); (d) Benchmark Litigation: Tier 2 Firm for Labour and Employment (2018); (e) Asian Legal Business: Best Boutiques (Labour and Employment) (2017), Firms to Watch (2016).

JK Carpentry Sdn. Bhd. is part of James King Group, an integrated design and build group of companies that specializes in delivering high-quality commercial retail projects. Established in 1980, James King Pte Ltd began in Singapore as a small company of only 3 staff, serving clients in the cosmetics and perfumery industry, who value our timeliness, uncompromising attention to detail and finishes of outstanding quality. In 2004, it entered Malaysia under the name of JK Concepts Sdn Bhd and now has a dedicated team of designers, co-ordinators, quantity surveyors, purchasers, administrative and accounts personnel, housed within its own factory premises of 20,000 square feet, equipping its production team with the capability of performing value-added joinery work, metal work and glass work seamlessly.Through the years, JK has grown to almost 100 staff including our in-house production teams at our 3 operating locations. it has production facilities in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2012, JK established its presence in Shanghai. In order to maintain the high standards that are required, we operate 3 supporting businesses that cover the areas of: signage production and installation, metal work production and installation, and glass finishes and installation. Collectively, JK has completed projects all across South East Asia, China, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

Maypreen Sdn Bhd is a manufacturing company since 2007. We do OEM for eco friendly household consumer goods. Our customers are multinationals and we manufacture for them brands that you see in the marketplace.

We are based in Subang Jaya and we are looking to build a dynamic team with self motivated and responsible individuals who are team players and wish to grow their career with us. If you think you have the calibre that we are looking for, write now for an opportunity to join a  fast growing company.

Our mission is to create products that will have minimum impact on the environment and human beings.

HELP University was founded in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians. It has since developed into a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with an international reputation among universities, research organisations, scholars, business, corporate leaders, and governments. HELP University offers a wide and diverse range of programmes covering business, law, management, economics, IT, the social sciences, and the humanities at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The HELP Group has won numerous awards. It was recognised by Forbes Asia in 2011 as one of the top 200 Top Performing companies in Asia Pacific with capitalization below USD 1 billion. It also won the KPMG Shareholder Value Award in 2010, and was ranked 43 among 1,000 public listed companies on the Malaysian Stock Exchange. HELP was also included in the Malaysian Corporate Governance Indext by MSWG, and won the Brand Laureate Award for Best Brand Award for Private Tertiary Education in 2012. In 2011, Group CEO, Datin Chan-Low Kam Yoke, was named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) was established in 1969 as TAR College with the focus of providing tertiary education opportunities for young Malaysians regardless of race, class and creed who were seeking quality education as well as meeting the rising demand for human capital from businesses and industries. The College started with a single campus in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur which is now the Main Campus. Subsequently, five branch campuses were established in Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang and Sabah.

TAR UC offers programmes at pre-university, diploma, Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate levels that are widely recognised by the academia and industries for their depth and breadth of scope and academic rigor. Today, TAR UC has a student population of about 28,000 including international students from more than 20 countries enrolling in close to 200 programmes over a wide range of disciplines from foundation and A Level to accountancy, finance, business, economics, engineering, built environment, applied sciences, ICT as well as mass communication, creative arts, social science and hospitality management.

TAR UC is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Malaysia with more than 210,000 students having passed through its doors.

TAR UC has won many scholastic awards and recognition amongst which include the Premier Digital Tech University status awarded by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (‘MDEC’) in 2019 for the second time and Sin Chew Education Awards 2018 / 19 where TAR UC was named as the recipient of the Outstanding Educational Institutions: Private Universities / Colleges award, Product Award and CSR award. Besides this, TAR UC also won the Asia Pacific CSR Awards 2016 where the University College won the Excellence in Education Improvement award.

Akru Now Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Main Street Capital Sdn Bhd) is Akru’s legal entity. Akru is a brand owned by Akru Now Sdn Bhd. Akru is licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia to operate a digital investment management platform.
Akru was founded by people with vast experience in investment banking, financial management and fintech. It is supported by an investment team with capital market licences from the Securities Commission Malaysia as well as experienced investment advisors.
Akru offers wery low-cost, No minimum investment, Personalised portfolios tailored to your goals, Globally diversified portfolios, Efficient implementation, Secure platform and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Akru will wisely monitor your goals and investments for you.