AIWS'21 // Track #8

#8 - Healthcare & AI

Key discussion points

AI to emulate human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and healthcare data.


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1. What types of AI technology are being used to evaluate patients globally? How do they work?

This is a broad-based question, and my response is every possible AI technologies … ranging from NLP, ML, Search, AR, CV, Motion-touch, IoT, Cloud etc. as well as Quantum. The combination of these technologies addresses a segment of patient evaluation and management.

2. What are the emerging medical trends affecting people in the near future?

With digital citizens, hospital@home can soon become a reality. AI can provide the technology bridge. The concept of hospital@home will transform the entire model of care management requiring adjustments to care models, medical practices, communications tools, transportation & logistics, and mobile applications.

3. How are AI technologies being used for non-clinical aspects across healthcare providers?

There are still many care practice which have not come intact with AI, such as dementia care metrics, visual sensing and analytics and health monitoring and rehabilitation, just to name a few. I see a robotic pet companion as an important application of AI for an ageing population.

4. The future: how can AI help people in preventive healthcare rather than reactive?

The invention of a Personal Clinical Assistant (PCA) will redefine preventive healthcare that we know of today. This personal (and virtual) assistant will monitor, prompt and advise on various dimensions of healthcare considerations so that the human stays as healthy as possible, and early prognosis will prevent late stage diagnosis.

Oliver Tian – Honorary Advisor, Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association; Vice-Chairman, International Alliance of Robotics Associations

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