AIWS'21 // Track #9

#9 - AI & Governments

Key discussion points

Governments are looking to AI to improve their policymaking and service delivery. Two obstacles: the technology is often over-hyped, and the moral and ethical issues it raises.


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1. Are governments ready for the type of findings that AI provide? What have been the challenges for them to adopt and trust AI?

As AI is estimated to bring $ 13-trillion economic gain worldwide by 2030, governments are getting ready with a strong AI vision for unlocking benefits for everyone, especially in the Covid era where digitalization has accelerated. Setting responsible, human-centric, trusted AI policy has become a key focus for all governments.

2. Should AI be better used for frontline or policy-making purposes? Which is of higher priority and why?

The government can use AI for both data-driven policy-making purposes to accelerate sustainable development goals and accelerate frontline governance or delivery for socio-economic impact. AI is a transformational technology, and when used responsibly, it can benefit humanity in multiple ways.

3. How can AI be used to predict the future for use by the government in short to long term?

Any AI solution needs good quality data for producing any insights or foresight. So governments should focus on establishing a responsible, human-centric data-driven decision-making process with key 5Vs in mind, i.e., volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value. And this requires continuous process improvements, capacity building, and upskilling – reskilling.

4. What are the various strategies for governments to adopt for implementing AI?

Based on country priorities, national agendas, and vision of the leaders, governments will need a range of system focusing around areas such as building human capital, workforce readiness, innovation capacity, digital capacity, hard & soft infrastructure, data-driven decision-making process, establishing responsible & inclusive AI practices, research, and development, etc.

Anshul Sonak – Senior Director, Global AI and Digital Readiness, Global Partnerships & Initiatives Group, Intel Corporation

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