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MyFinB’s new Initiative called Future Ready Graduates

: To cope with the rising demands for industrial experience by graduates and meeting employers needs, MyFinB (MFB) introduced Future Ready Graduates (FRG) Programme.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15th June 2020 – As more employers express the need to prepare the incoming workforce to be industry-ready with the relevant skillsets and graduates wanting industrial exposure and seeking job opportunities, MyFinB has recently launched a new campaign/initiative called Future Ready Graduates (FRG) Programme. Future Ready Graduates is a programme to equip university students with the relevant mindset, skillset and portfolio of industry-centric projects in order to value-add to organisations.

The present inevitable Covid situation has caused work to go digital and this means, interns under the FRG programme are able to work digitally from the comfort of their home wherever they are globally. Such advantage has enabled MFB to create more internship opportunities through FRG for incoming interns internationally.

MFB’s FRG Programme aims to provide interns the industry exposure related to AI while equipping them with the skillsets including;

  1. AI-based applications and cases
  2. Business model canvasing
  3. Speed mapping techniques
  4. Presentation skills
  5. Matrix-based research
  6. Customer-user journey / schematics
  7. Collateral Designing
  8. Analysing and connecting the dots


The key features of MFB’s FRG Programme which interns will walk away with upon completion of the programme are:

  1. Exposure to up to 5 projects, depending on tenure
  2. Experience endorsement and testimonial by employers
  3. Personal profile and career roadmap provided with career guidance
  4. Customised resume
  5. Profiling to >9,000 business leaders/managers in LinkedIn
  6. Information flow: Employment, project and contract positions opportunities
  7. Access to monthly networking/webinar events
  8. Professional & career mindset development


With unemployment on the rise, MFB’s FRG Programme hopes to be another avenue that students can consider to expand their job opportunities or industry-project exposure.

To know more about MFB’s Future Ready Graduates (FRG) Programme, please click this link: 

Future-Ready Graduates


For more enquiries, please email to corpcomms@myfinb.com.