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Each university has thousands of published research and uncommercialised patents that need more engagement and adoption by the industry. Moreover, the pandemic has compelled educators to adopt technology and adapt their teaching methods at an unprecedented pace. How can institutions for higher education address these two issues and ultimately enhance students’ learning experience and ensure the relevance of their contents to the learning community?

University - Industry Partnership (UIP)

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UIP is an AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) platform for educators in Universities to convert their areas of expertise into prototypes, curriculum, industry-friendly collaboration models and develop new areas of research with AI-enabled engine. From prototyping stage, UIP helps to expand and develop the research and prototypes into fully-ready, AI-based expert systems for industry adoption and commercialisation.


Shortlisted / Selected with Researchers


Examples of research work being converted into prototypes and live systems

Impact to Universities

UIP is disruptive and different because it helps prepare educators for the future that is filled with rapid and continuous changes challenges and uncertainties. In response, the educators will need to fundamentally transform themselves in order to adapt to these new conditions and demands.

UIP looks at each educator and his or her specialisation and achievement, and come out with a personalised AI expert system – from prototype to full commercialisation – without having to spend enormous resources on infrastructure, human capital expertise in AI, long implementation schedules, capital expenditure costs, etc.


UIP helps to overcome the challenges due to conservativism, ‘silo mentality’, resistance to interdisciplinarity and practical knowledge, sentimentality about ‘low-value’ courses and slow pace of IR4.0 adaptation. UIP helps to accelerate the dismantling of the legacy higher education ‘workforce’.

Get Funding Up to USD1.2M

Your faculty can get funding of up to RM5m using a combination of MOHE and non-MOHE grants for joint projects

Be Part of Our Research & Advisory

You can be part of our research and advisory team to deliver industry projects

Certified For Professional Courses

You can be certified for professional courses on designing solutions for industries using AI/Analytics by tapping on the HRDF training development schemes

Launch Various Certification & Training

Your faculty can launch various certification and training programmes with us for the public with local and international experts

Be Part of A Global Network of AI World Submmit

You can be part of a global network of AI World Summit involving >100 leading practitioners from 30+ countries to exchange ideas, intellectual knowledge, practical experiences and professional network.

UIP under 3 Minutes


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