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AI To Help Users of Financial Statements Achieve Foresight

“The sudden impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated, firstly, that we have blind-spots!. We do not know what we do not know. We are still not fully aware and in control of the VUCA effects of this unprecedented global phenomenon on business, work and life. The poignant lesson for business owners and corporate leaders is to be very focused on the DNA of the business, and know every aspects of their businesses very well as the business environment and paradigm will continue to change rapidly. To survive and prosper, proactive and astute leaders will need to be agile and adaptable, better still have a third eye or crystal ball!.

MyFinB solutions such as Experisk, CDSI, Digital Board can assist to provide these leaders with the insights and foresights to manage their financial risk and manoeuvre their financial position to focus on improving their business profitability, growth and sustainability during these turbulent times.”

– Prof Dr Wilson Tay – Founder / Principal Consultant, Integrated Financial Analysis Pty Ltd TA Eclectic Analytics

“Complex business decisions can be made easily in a quick and affordable manner through the use of the right AI & Analytics solutions.

MyFinB’s suite of fintech solutions provide business leaders, professional advisors governments and individuals with the right tools to analyse structured and unstructured data such as sentiments, trends and qualitative information to make immediate and long term profit generation and risk management decisions.”

Cody Lee – CEO, Maverick Global Ventures

“Swiss Capital Group of Companies need to rapidly shift their business focus to capitalise on the Emergence of New Business Models growth opportunities from digitalization, automation, sustainability and customer behaviour in FinTech, BioTech, PropTech, ArtTech, Energytech, Aerospace SciTech.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enables quick turnaround to the target digital-native Gen Z and Gen Y generations who emerge as the predominant customer population post-COVID-19.

The development plan for the China Greater Bay Area is related to not only a population of 70 million people in the 9+2 cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, but also covering a new wave economic zone that contributes to one-tenth of China’s economy.

Swiss Capital Asia Smart City Technologies Co. Ltd., group’s Asia Hitech flagship in partnership with MyFinB Holdings Pte Ltd & AI Future Asia Pte Ltd, enhances international innovation in making China Greater Bay Area as a technology hub with global influence, attracting and train talents from around the world.”

The Honourable Gary Sum
Swiss Capital Group & SC GEM e-yuan
Swiss Capital Asia Smart City Technologies Co. Ltd.

“MyFinB is emerging as a global AI company in harnessing and employing data not only in finance industries, but in any industry where using AI can bring tangible benefits to industry stakeholders. In its revolutionary approach to analyses various data layers and extracting the most benefit for end users MyFinB is emerging into a industry disrupting company we’ll all admire.”

Aieti Kukava – CEO, Alliance Group Holding

“AI shall be one of important pillar for future fintech industry specially for India where AI can play a very important role in micro financing.”

Gyanendra Kumar, CEO, Teamwork Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

” AI is one of the cornerstones of the growing digitalisation of industry to optimise processes for all sectors and helps to build and match global standards while enhancing speed in productivity through new technologies.

Applying AI to various sectors can get them ready for globalisation, building powerful economic destinations. As a systems platform AI can support to facilitate the ease of Investment and Trade globally.

Matching the United Nations 17 SDGs with AI infusion is the next step to build attractive destinations for Trade and Foreign Direct Investments.”

Shanker Damodaran – Executive Director, Global Chamber® Ahmedabad / India Venture Broadcast

“AI can offer to companies in places like Madagascar where data are not readily available nor organized the capability to leapfrog, to do more with less data, to revolutionize the way they set objectives, define strategies, monitor progress and achieve success”.

Thierry Rakotoarison – Director General, Evolutis Projects Development

“Applying AI in Fund Management and Digitization of Fund is the current trend. 

Being from the investment management industry,  the Kanzun Fund is very cognizant of the growth in technological deals, deeptech, digital assets and cryptocurrencies. We have taken active measures to adopt AI and digitization of our funds.  Applying AI will help to optimize the resources and time in managing the funds as well optimizing the returns for the shareholders. Adoption of AI enables mitigation of risks associated in managing the investment portfolios and other asset classes. Kanzun will implement the digitization and automation of ventures funding in terms of onboarding deals, screening and selection process,  investment decisioning and many more. We will apply AI in selecting the best deals and use AI generated reports that are based on NLG (natural language generation), NLGU, machine learning, cognitive analytics and image analytics.

Our Partnership with MyFinB enables us to disseminate and propagate the rendering of effective AI solutions locally and globally to our business partners and address the pain points of multiple industries. Aside to implementing AI solutions into our fund management, we have also promoted the adoption and incorporation of AI to healthcare institutions and SMEs.  The Rebuild and Restore AI initiative by MyFinB to help businesses restore their financial health and recovery is one of the few initiatives that we have taken part of.  The knowledge sharing by MyFinB through its countless webinars, the AI World Summit, the AIC Group and the Ai periodicals are truly value-adding and amazing. “

Wan Fara Ayu Wan Ahmad – Co-Founder, Director & CIO, Kanzun Ventures Management Sdn. Bhd.

Firstly, New Zealand and Australia are unique in financial reporting for entities. Both these two countries do not require locally wholly owned business to submit their financials to the companies office regardless of their size. However of the entity is 25% foreign owned or public listed then it must submit financials. As a result both countries have less than 2% of its entities that are required by law to submit financials.

The intention of deploying AI is to allow entities to do so without having to divulge too much information but at the same time allow lendors the ability to see financial risks and provide lending appropriately. We see AI as the next pathways to financial transparency and allow companies like CreditWorks to work with the industry in improving risks management.

MyFinB is a recognise AI provider internationally and has the capabilities to support our endeavours for the local market.
My goal is to partner with MyFinB to introduce the next phase and next level of credit reporting incorporating financial analysis and allow entities to benefit from it at the same time.

Ronnie Tan – CEO, CreditWorks Group

“A focused AI development program can deliver a significant uplift in productivity for New Zealand business. The phase 1 approach automates what we do now with phase 2 focused on delivering on the significant innovation potential that AI holds for our business community.”

Mark Rowley – COO, Centrix Group

“Hatytude Consulting prides itself as professional services firm that leverages technology to enable growth for her clients, we have been engaging MyfinB and exploring its AI solutions for over five years. We are excited to deepen our collaboration via this formal launch of AI global partners.

AI is the cornerstone of transformational growth driven by innovation. We believe that MyfinB’s AI solutions will add immense value to the financial services industry in Nigeria and help boost the economy of Nigeria by accelerating high quality investment decisions that are crucial to driving and sustaining economic growth. This will further engender profitable strategic business collaborations as being facilitated by Hatytude Consulting.”

Olufemi Hassan – Principal Consultant, Hatytude Consultancy Services Limited

In the financial world MyFinB acts as a guideline. AI helps business to predict the outcome and downgrade the possibilities of risk taking.

Saqib Javed Mahay – CEO, Eigix IT Solutions

“The launch this month of the AI Roadmap by the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) signals the country’s commitment to unlocking the commercial value of AI. Indeed, DTI estimates AI will add $92 billion to Philippine economic output or gross domestic product by 2030, to account for 12% of GDP.

We see our cooperation with MyFinB as an exciting and key opportunity to bring AI capabilities and solutions to the Philippines, and our contribution to realizing the potential of the AI Roadmap. MyFinB has the expertise and experience that will jump start our initiatives.

Global Chamber® and MyFinB are already building Centers of Excellence in AI around the globe, so we’re pleased to do so here in the Philippines too. We will be part of a worldwide AI community and I’m confident the Philippines will both benefit through this collaboration and contribute to it”.

Colin Christie – Executive Director, Global Chamber® Manila

“The New Consumer Behaviour will Influence Retail business.

Innovation in retail spaces, point of commerce, people, and processes will shape post-COVID-19 future of retail.

The iWaves Inc partnership with MyFinB Holdings Pte Ltd & AI Future Asia Pte Ltd is timely to address the Social Trends Behavioural analytics market in the Philippines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enabled decision science which induced market disruption.

We are excited of this strategic partnership.”

Marco Antonio R. Urera
Executive Director
iWave, Inc.

“The emergence of COVID- 19 has accelerated disruptions and impacted multiple facets of our lives in the global economy.

We had seen MyFinB Holdings Pte Ltd.’s, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology transformation in predictive and prescriptive analytics augment some of these impacts into trends especially in the growing economy of the Asia Pacific market.

The AI Future Asia Pte Ltd partnership with MyFinB Holdings Pte Ltd had accelerated our Asia Pacific presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, China/Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.”

Charles CHEONG

“MyFinB’s AI solutions have helped to open many doors to reports that traditionally take a large amount of time to study, research and process. Through this AI initiative, we observe a game changer and an excellent source of intelligent reporting that is now made available for a wider range of audience looking for financial information on their next endeavour.”

Kenneth Ho – Founder / Director of Business, Total Accounting Solutions Knowledge (TASK) Pte Ltd

“Leveraging leading solutions of MyFinB, Banks can harness data to better serve their customers. This ranges from rapid financial risk assessment of clients, standardisation of reporting and predicative analytics which to unearth potential performance.”

Steve Tak – CEO, Takemp Services

Should you require any assistance, please email ust at ceai@myfinb.com