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Using AI, you can analyse public data which includes sentiments, consumption patterns, relationships, social media patterns, unique psychographic and behavioural user profiles based on clusters could be created.



Customised, One-Time

Tailor-made to derive suggestions, forecast and scenarios: retrospective to current (with a preset past to current date).



One-time set up


Per Month

Tailor-made to derive suggestions, forecast and scenarios with daily / weekly / monthly updates.

Min. 1 year subscription

Important terms of payment

1. Subscription package requires payment for one year subscription + configuration costs

2. Adhoc package requires payment prior to commencement.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

SLA shall cover turnaround / delivery time. regularity of updates, sources of data; and may impact quoted prices which are subject to change


Find Out What People Feel & Say - And Adjust Your Engagement, Policies & Strategies To Win Their Heartscould be created.

Sample Report Structure

Pictures are for illustration only.

#1 - Executive Summary

Executive summary page summing up the state of current affairs, what are the underlying factors, what could be the scenarios, what needs to be done and monitored – generated by the AI system.

#2 - Top 12 Emerging Issues

At the national level, the AI System can identify and explain the Top 12 Issues that carry the most impact for the leader to focus on.

#3 - Diagnosis Issues

At each time interval, AI can quantify the granularity of issues and underlying sentiments – continuous monitoring is key.

#4 - Traceability & Profiling

AI is able to compare amongst parties, trace the sources, general demographics of citizens, authors and specific topics contributed by them across categories.

#5 - Scenario Analysis

Based on current and emerging issues, AI can map out many scenarios and possibilities by processing millions of variables; while explaining certain outcomes that can occur under each key scenario.

#6 - Recommendations

Under each key scenario and a computed index via a decision tree modelling analysis, AI can produce recommendations on what needs to be done for each scenario.

#7 - Intervention & Outcome


Social media platforms, blogs, forums


Using our proprietary tech, we can transform any dashboard, spreadsheets or platform into an AI-enabled, strategic narratives in a natural language to make better, quicker, more effective decisions!

All Data Types - With Actionable Insights



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