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Restore & Rebuild 2021/22

: Helping SMEs Turn Plans Into Reality

Enterprises are hit hard financially due to Covid-19. Their existing business models need an overhaul to deal with the new world order. Access to quality experts may be costly and difficult. As the crisis puts a curb on sales activities, organisations must drive cost optimisation, production capacity and cash conservation to maintain financial health.

MyFinB develops algorithms that writes stories from data to drive understanding and results. Powered by artificial intelligence, our technology automatically turns data into easy-to-understand reports, transforms statistics into stories, and converts numbers into knowledge.

Gaps / Opportunities

Where do SMEs turn to for business and financial planning?

The need

Use AI to interpret competitive and business strategies with financial data

World's first AI solution since 2006 that helps thousands of businesses diagnose gaps and recommend action steps in words - it simply mimics human decision-making process to bring the performance of businesses to the next level!



Financial Strategy Report

Detailed insights of your financial health, with key focus areas, recommendations and impact assessment.

3-min Financial Review Podcast

Up to 5-min audio analysis of issues, action plans and outlook, summarised for ease of understanding.

Market Scanning Report

Review of latest industry dynamics, trends and issues, with sentiment and word cloud analysis.

1-hour One-on-One Discussion x 1

One session to go through your company strategies and move into actions over one hour.

1-hour Group Workshop x 3

Monthly virtual workshops (x3) to go through concepts and applications on a scheduled basis.

10X (Optional)

Insights of management / leaders’ personality; comparison of their attributes again unicorn leaders

Sample Deliverables

Financial Strategy Report

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Market Scanning Report

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3-min Financial Review Podcast

1-on-1 Discussion: Matrix Analysis

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Discussion / Workshop Topics

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