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[Step 1] Purchase the Ticket

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Important Notes

Step 1: Purchase a ticket and get purchase ID / order ID

Please add the product you wish to purchase to shopping cart, check out and make payment.

During check out, you are asked to fill up a referral name under 'Additional Information' box. Do key in our partners' code if you have. Otherwise, please put "MyFinB" or "N/A". Our partners are listed here: www.myfinb.com/solution-partners (non-exhaustive list). We might have already provided the referral code above for some special cases.

An invoice will be sent to your registered email address with the purchase ID. This ID is the reference code, which will be used to key in the input form later.

Step 2: Provide participant details via a Form.

[Step 2] Provide Details

Participant Form

Please provide the the attendee details in the form below.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ceai@myfinb.com or hotline / Whatsapp +60 19-919 9149 (Mr Lim) and +65 9627 9757 (Ms Hamizah)