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We are pleased to welcome you to the extended, special edition of the 2nd AI World Summit to feature speakers, particularly on SME development and social innovations involving AI and Social innovation.

During this event, we discuss and showcase the design and implementation of new solutions that drive conceptual, process, product, or organisational change, which ultimately aim to improve the welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Why you should attend

Artificial Intelligence can dramatically reduce the inefficiencies of our workplaces and can augment the capabilities of humans. Indeed, tech, such as AI, frees up the human workforce to do work they are better equipped for—tasks that involve creativity and empathy among others.
15th December 2021
1:30PM - 8:30PM GMT+8 (KL/SG)

Find out how these can be applied across 15 unique settings during our special extended version of the AI World Summit.

Who should attend

AIWS brings people from all over the world in one platform: to discuss their experiences, challenges, & opportunities associated with AI adoption and deployment – from all sectors!

This is  must-attend for professional, executives, policymakers and business people without AI & machine learning knowledge – to enhance their competencies in data management and effective decision making.

Keynote Speakers

AI Authors: CAAI Cohort 1

Certification in Applied AI (CAAI)

Supporting Organisations

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It’s complimentary.

More information

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions | email: aisummit@myfinb.com

We have done up a small booklet about the event for your ease of reference. A schedule is drafted as well and subject to changes. Please click on the button(s) to download and view the attachments.

We look forward to seeing you at the event.

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