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Artificial Intelligence:
Starting Your First Venture Without AI Technical Skills

Gain the knowledge, support and confidence to develop a new entrepreneurial journey.

We help build algorithms that write strategies from data to drive understanding and results.

12-month venture building programme: from ideation, prototype, company and team set-up and to launch

Fortnightly sessions on AI mentorship guidance and progress milestones

8 core deliverables

Co-ownership programme with full management and operational set-up

You'll walk away with

A practical grounding in artificial intelligence (AI)

and its business applications, equipping you with the knowledge and confidence you need to transform your ideas into an innovative, efficient, and sustainable company of the future.

The ability to learn how to manage an entrepreneurial venture in AI

that will be tailor-made to your specific set of skills, competencies and experience. You can own a venture and build it up with our full support without having to quit your job or getting distracted too much.

Minimise the risks associated with entrepreneurship

by tapping onto our vast global network, robust infrastructure and systems – backed by a dedicated team of experts and advisors who will guide you each step of the way, We manage time delicately based on your schedule and availability – while recognising that discipline and dedication are key towards the success of the venture!

Embrace the Future Now!

Get 8 Deliverables. If not now, when?

The 8 Deliverables

System design, modules and architecture

Types of enhancements in the next 3 years: version 1. 0 – 5.0

Output to be generated by the system with the personalised analytical features

A short clip to see the prototype at work

Case studies of how similar technologies work elsewhere – & how we are differentiated

Implementation plans in phases, detailing the strategies and milestones

Presentation kit to explain AI adoption & impact

Press kit to make the public announcement of  the AI initiative

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