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Course Outline


Artificial intelligence (AI) warrants the close attention of organisations of all types and sizes because it presents opportunities when applied well. Organisations that successfully exploit AI can disrupt the market, drive growth and manage their commercial risk. Yet, AI technologies also present variety of risks and challenge that need to be managed carefully.

Many organisations, however, have struggled to move from experimentation around select use cases to scaling AI technologies across the organization. Reasons include the lack of a clear strategy for AI, an inflexible and investment-starved technology core, fragmented data assets, and outmoded operating models that hamper collaboration between business and technology teams.

By offering new tools for entrepreneurs, it may also create new lines of business that we can’t imagine now. Rather than replacing workers, AI can be a tool to help employees work better.

For the foreseeable future, therefore, the most promising uses of AI will not involve computers replacing people, but rather, people and computers working together—as “superminds”—to do both cognitive and physical tasks that could not be done before.


Using live interactive tools and AI, CAAI is transforming the experience of group collaboration through its proprietary, breakthrough technology platform.

The most effective learning experiences occur in small groups who are engaged in problem solving, creative tasks, or complex decision making. In an online work environment, when people lack conversational cues, it’s hard for teams to build rapport and be successful.

CAAI Learning platform changes the way team members interact in real-time, while video calls are happening. It uses AI to analyze online conversation dynamics and provide rapid personalized feedback to each participant. Simple on-screen cues guide participants to more effective team interactions.


The programme is designed to give those who are involved in managerial and decision-making support roles with a thorough understanding of AI to improve their productivity levels with enhanced cognitive power.

Participants will understand how AI technologies are being adopted by organisations worldwide. They will be guided on how to build their own basic, functional prototypes to find out ways to improve their customer experience, risk management and/or customer acquisition activities.

3 Levels


Learn key concepts, understanding various AI models, case studies, assignments.

Learning Outcome


Design applications with project assignments linked to industry pain points; develop blueprint design and solutions

Learning Outcome


Actual industry engagements and solutions design with MyFinB/CEAI, by applying what you have learnt in Foundation and Intermediate levels - into actual organisations: sandbox, pilot and test runs, with potential for commercialisation with industries.

Learning Outcome

Explore & Build AI Models


Bridging human minds with machines to solve complex issues

AI Characteristics

Equipping you with skills to develop solutions framework

Whether you are from the public, private or non-profit sector, you will be equipped with the relevant skills and techniques to develop AI-based solutions around key pain points, aligned with sustainable developmental goals.