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Certification in Applied AI (CAAI) Programme

Enhance your organisational performance using smart tech like AI / Analytics.

Introducing CAAI

A 3-month managerial development programme without programming or coding knowledge to design and develop analytical solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that create impact for organisations and society – in line with Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG).

Design an AI solution at the end of the three-month programme!

Welcome Note


Accelerate meaningful change by making AI everyone’s business — powering every person, process and decision across the enterprise with actionable insights from data and AI.

Organisations struggle to realise the full value of their digital transformation projects because of two main factors: over-complicated processes and lack of proper clarity of how their solutions can solve industry pain points.

CAAI is specially designed for managers and executives without coding or programming skills in order to gain experiential learning/project capstone over a three-month period.

During the project capstone component of the course, participants will define a business problem, explain how AI can help, and identify the leadership strategy needed to successfully implement the proposed solution.

We truly believe that if we make AI everyone’s business across the enterprise, we create meaningful change for our clients — both in short-term successes and long-lasting transformation.

Leveraging AI in pockets across your business has the power to bring new outcomes—from gains in efficiency to productivity. CAAI is about giving you the thought processes, hands-on and solutions framework to transform every aspect of your business and your industry at large.

Here’s a warm welcome for you to join CAAI as it helps you to build the roadmap to maximise existing investments and extend new technologies across your organisation.

Design your own AI solution with CAAI.

A global certification that bridges key pain points with AI-based solutions for industries, practitioners, policy makers and academicians.