“Taking Stock of the changes: The Evolving Investor”

: Investment managers turning to A.I solutions to help make sense of Big Data Era

Kuala Lumpur, 1st November 2018 At the latest event organised by Asia’s leading fintech accelerator, Supercharger KL, investors were presented with an alternative to their stressful lifestyles. MyFinB presented Automated screening and investment papers using A.I to evaluate risks and opportunities for investment managers. This can be applied to benchmark certain stocks against others and compare its past health along with predictions for the future.

Currently, investors are looking towards software to analyse large amounts of data that are being exchanged between companies and their ecosystem. Variables such as the management’s actions, the way a company deals with its customer complaints, to the way it stands on social media, all contribute to the organization’s image, which in turn effects its stock price. The fast pace of the market makes it critical for investors to be able to process this information well, and also have reliable recommendations rather than a output of facts and figures. A.I is capable of handling all this data (or Big Data) and give investors a little more clarity. Investment managers in particular are able to focus more on the actual strategies involved in managing investments, rather than having to produce detailed reports, as A.I automates this task and produces reports rapidly.

“Using A.I for industry and market assessment generates automatic reports that investor managers find very reliable. So investment managers can save over 90% of their time that they would normally have kept them occupied doing these administration tasks,” said Mr M. Nazri, MyFinB’s founder and CEO, “Now investment mangers can stay updated and focus on strategizing and acting on risks and opportunities that will win them returns.”

Supercharger KL regularly organises events and workshop such as these to present fintech companies to the public, offering viable solutions as well as the opportunity for the company to connect with potential clients and grow their connections.

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