“Step aside RoboAdvisor, here comes RoboAnalyst”

: MyFinB teams up with AAA to offer automated analysis to guide retail investors

Kuala Lumpur, 3rd November 2018 – The days of RoboAdvisor are getting more exciting – with the arrival of RoboAnalyst – a smart AI system that does not focus on selling products to match consumer needs, instead, it helps them form an independent, objective and unbiased view on the fundamentals of a business. Instead of getting advice, investors now have a machine that can perform the functions of a highly experienced analyst to assess the strategic and financial health of a company.

The launch of RoboAnalyst forms part of the MOU signing between MyFinB and AAA that is to be held on 03 November 2018 at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM Shah Alam.

According to a Deloitte report, Google search queries for “RoboAdvisor” yield 423.000 results and there are close to 100 Robo-Advisors in 15 countries as of today; and while all of them make wide use of the term, the offerings themselves vary significantly.

Estimates for the future of the Robo-Advisory market by several well-known institutes predict between $ 2.2 trillion and $ 3.7 trillion in assets to be managed with the support of RoboAdvisory services in 2020. By the year 2025, this figure is expected to rise to over $ 16.0 trillion assets under management (AuM), roughly three times the amount of assets managed by BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager to date.

The key shortcoming of the RoboAdvisors is that they are still very selling-based – in a sense that whatever they advise about is linked to a certain financial product from the marketplace.

RoboAnalyst on the other hand addresses some, if not all, of the shortfall and constraints by focusing deeply on the profile of the individuals and/or a company’s fundamentals. It also performs the SWOT analysis whilst providing the roadmap on what action steps to take to address specific issues – in the absence of selling a product or service.

According to MyFinB Group CEO/Founder, “This is an opportunity for Malaysians to adopt A.I. and use it to help them make decisions more objectively. Very similar to how a patient would go to see a doctor and X-Rays are prescribed for diagnosis, and also as a preventive tool.”

AAA CEO, Hj Asri Ahmad, explains, “I am happy to announce this partnership, since it is an important milestone for our students. It will boost the current training programs and make our students more confident investors. Alongside MyFinB, we get a chance to contribute significantly to A.I awareness and deployment.”

RoboAnalyst will be made available to the public beginning 03 November 2018 and will be made available first to AAA delegates who attend the symposium. The retail rate to access a report with weekly mentoring and detailed report starts at RM600 per company analysis.

The unique feature about this scheme is that the subscribers can resell back their research back to MyFinB at a certain price if they fulfil certain quality assurance conditions. In this way, they can make back some of their investment while still gaining from the experience.

MyFinB also intends to collaborate with research firms and stock brokerage firms to customise reporting features to their respective clientele base – from novice to advanced investors.

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