How do you ensure your business continue to go on even without you?
Do you know that almost 60% of Small-Medium Enterprises in most parts of the world are family-owned; and entrepreneurs have challenges attracting people to succeed them across generations?

We have a solution called MyFinB

MyFinB helps to address one of the critical ways to resolve the succession issue that involves the reward structure. This needs to be managed properly to attract top talents who could also fit the entrepreneurial firm’s culture and chemistry-wise.
MyFinB scans the financial and non-financial aspects of your company and recommends

  • how much equity you should inject, and types of equity offer to promising candidates
  • your expectations of the candidates receiving equity and alignment in terms of working style, values and competencies
  • the steps to be taken to address the financial and business structure of your firm before bringing in external top talents.

MyFinB enables you to be more effective in terms of how you should plan for

  • Employee Stock Options
  • Budget your capital expenditure for restructuring
  • Plan a 5, 10 and 15 year roadmap of how your company should be positioned financially.

So why wait?  Register here and get your succession planning process now!