How do you merge with another business to leapfrog your business?
What if we tell you that only 30% of entrepreneurs are successful when they acquire or merge with other businesses within 5 years?

One way to find out is to have a smart online tool to evaluate the feasibility of mergers – introducing MyFinB
MyFinB provides you with the evaluation and scenarios to see the financial effects of the merger and form a strategic decision that:

  • fits your long-term goals
  • precipitates quick planned-for growth
  • gains you an increased market share

With MyFinB, you are able to

  • plan for higher profitability via non-organic growth
  • promotes savings
  • achieve efficiencies related to economies of scale (from production, inventory, purchasing, sales and marketing, administration perspectives and more)

So why wait? Register here and get your M&A plans started now!