How can you make your business attractive to investors?
Do you know that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs that seek investor funding get rejected?
Entrepreneurs now have the chance to make their ventures more attractive to investors, and increase their chances of getting funding significantly.

Introducing MyFinB

MyFinB helps you, as an entrepreneur, to improve your

  • business performance
  • shareholder value
  • valuation

What MyFinB does is that it generates a situational analysis report of your historical and forecasted performance and what you need to refine and align with your strategic goals. It then makes recommendations on what targets to achieve and how to improve your financial metrics.

MyFinB makes the whole equity fund raising exercise

  • more systematic
  • with greater clarity
  • less stressful

Giving your more confidence as if a personal chief financial officer (or CFO) is by your side to guide you through the equity fund raising process.
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