How do you prepare your business today to deal with future challenges and opportunities?

Do you know that 60% of entrepreneurs are making plans to restructure their business models after realising that the old way of doing things may not work anymore?

The good news is that you can now have a more systematic, structured and effective way to design your business model with a financial buddy called MyFiNB.

What MyFinB does is that it generates a situational analysis report of your historical and forecasted performance to review the effectiveness of your existing and new business models.

MyFinB essentially helps you refine and align your business models with your strategic goals. It then makes recommendations on what targets to achieve and how to improve your financial metrics.

MyFinB enables you to be more effective in terms of how you should plan for

  • How your corporate structure should be designed for horitontal or vertical expansion
  • Your Products, Customers, Markets and Pricing Strategies
  • Budget your capital expenditure for restructuring

So why wait? Register here and get your business restructuring done now!