How do you ensure longevity and success in business partnerships?

Do you know that there is always a 60% chance that your strategic partnerships or alliances would fail? Entrepreneurs face many challenges when it comes to partnering with others.

Introducing MyFinB – an essential tool to evaluate the feasibility of partnerships between two parties from a financial perspective.

MyFinB helps your business to align with your prospective partners by assessing the financial or economic synergies between the two parties, in terms of:

  • How the strategies fit with each other
  • The financial impact of the strategies
  • The upside and downside scenarios on the collaboration

MyFinB enables you to be better prepared and more systematic in terms of helping you to determine

  • What types of partners you should partner with
  • What financial benefits the partnership brings to your business
  • The scenarios and impact the potential partnership has on your profitability and market share

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