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SITI Level 2


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Roboinvestor is nowhere but here for any value-based investors who are looking to make their investment decisions at new level – fast, reliable and sound. If you are a fan of ‘value investing’ like Warren Buffett, Stock Intelligence & Tracking Insights (SITI) report is definitely a right tool for you. SITI level 2 report give you a condensed but colourful picture of the potential investees’ financial strength, valuation status and shariah compliance in both number and words.

SITI level 2 report – the RoboInvestor, walks you through the aspects of business performance, shareholder value, risks and liabilities, productivity, which are defined to make up of a business financial position. SITI RoboInvestor does not just point out the fundamental issues, financial risks and other areas the company is facing. On the other hand, it also generate a thorough checklist for you to poke before making decision to invest into the company.

Just like SITI level 1, level 2 report answers instantly the key questions that drives you to decision whether to invest or not into the company. For example, questions could be if the company valuation is attractive enough and if its future is optimistic and it is able to pay debts, pay dividends and more.

Other elements that makes SITI level 2 report stand out are peer analysis, shariah compliant status and sentiment (public’s attitude towards an entity) of and about the company.


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