“Picking Strong Shariah Compliant stocks with A.I.”

MyFinB initiates program addressing A.I.’s role in stock investment 

Malaysia, 10th January 2019 – MyFinB, an A.I. driven analytics company headquartered in Malaysia, announced a series bringing together leading Shariah expert Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar, renowned stock expert Hj. Mohd. Asri Ahmad, and MyFinB founder M. Nazri speaking about A.I. in stock investing, and A.I. in shariah minds. The program will feature what to look for in shariah compliant stocks that have a positive impact and how to pick such stocks using A.I. based value investing techniques.

The concept of A.I. has made quite significant impacts to various industries and not surprisingly, the financial services sector is leading the adoption of AI. Larger and more advanced financial institutions can benefit from cutting edge artificial intelligence techniques for risk assessment, financial analysis, portfolio management. Smaller financial institutions can start with using A.I. for improved operational efficiencies and customer interactions too. Islamic financial institutions stand to gain significant benefits from such A.I. innovations. For the common man, A.I. is now being used to help make smart decisions in stock investments, as well as shariah compliant stock.

Datuk Dr. Daud Bakar, Chairman of MyFinB Malaysia points out, “It is important to foster the economic and social growth of members of the Muslim community in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance”.

Haji Muhd. Asri Ahmad, of Asri Ahmad Academy, says, “Developing Stock intelligence and tracking insights is a major industry disruptor and will pave the way for smarter stock analysis and well advised decision making. These tools are the difference between a stock gambler, and a well advised investor.”  

MyFinB Group CEO/Founder, M. Nazri who was excited for this news stated, “Our technology not only complies with the shariah principles, in fact it will and can help change the face of financial execution. Organizations and individuals can benefit from our product by experiencing a more efficient and enhanced systems to cater to their financial needs and this in return would simplify the world of finance.”

Islamic finance that complies with the Shariah law is slowly making its mark in the world of finance in recent years. MyFinB has high hopes that this will create future opportunities for further collaboration and help advance innovation that improves on the existing models.