“Data is the new oil. It’s only useful when it’s refined”

Zachary Lam
Zachary Lam Advisor, Algorithms and Modelling

A specialist in statistical modelling, predictive analysis and data mining, Zachary forms part of the data analytics advisory team of MyFinB Malaysia. In other words, his critical evaluations and inputs have been invaluable in the building and perfecting of the A.I. driven MyFinB platform. With a skill set incorporating experience in finance and analytics, Zachary has been able to effectively advise the company of the best way to use both for a sustainable growth.

Zachary has close to 10 years of experience in entrepreneurial and professional experience across the business, service and finance industry. He has garnered expertise in the field of business process reengineering, financial controls and cross border licensing across international markets.

He is of the belief that the future of the world of finance lies in big data analytics.