“Woman of strength with financial acumen.”

Luqmawati Mustafa Kamal
Luqmawati Mustafa KamalProduct Design & Engineering
(Effective 14 September 2017)

Wati is responsible for the design, research and development of financial analytics for MyFinB engine for global rollout in more than 10 countries. She also handles the quality assurance of financial reports generated by MyFinB network for both retail and institutional clients.

A chartered accountant of more than 15 years, assists the Head of R&D / Group CEO in building together a number of intelligent technologies including semantics, artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. Wati brings her accountancy expertise into cognitive application that can get smarter and more effective over time by learning from its interactions with data and with humans.

She enjoys meeting new people and build long-lasting professional relationships. On top of that, she makes time for her family. Among a management team of entrepreneurs, Luqmawati believes that striking a balance between work and life isn’t as hard as some people might think.