Dr Chris Marshall
Dr Chris MarshallAdvisor, Cognitive Analytics / A.I.
Doctorate in Business Administration, Harvard Business School (IT and Finance);
MBA, University of Chicago (Finance) and
MA, Cambridge University (Physics).

A risk and finance subject matter expert at IBM’s global centre of competence, supporting the largest most complex risk and finance projects at IBM’s customers across the world.

An active board member in several organizations in Europe and Asia.

Has over 20 years’ experience on three continents providing risk, analytics, and technology consulting to major financial institutions and software vendors.

His executive experience covers some of the most dynamic analytics providers on the planet – IBM, UBS, KPMG, Oracle, SunGard.

These roles all share one common theme: innovative application of technology and analytics to financial services.

Has a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School (IT and Finance).