“Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.”

Dr. Ahmad Magad
Dr. Ahmad MagadAdvisor, MyFinB Holdings & MyFinB (M)

As an advisor in MyFinB Malaysia, Dr. Magad provides the company with helpful insight on corporate governance, best global practices in management, listings and mergers & acquisitions. Dr. Magad is of the opinion that a good corporate governance ensures that a properly structured management team, capable of taking independent and objective decisions is at the helm of affairs of the company.

A trilingual in Bahasa Malaysia, English and German, Dr. Magad is also a Fellow Member of Certified Public Accountant (Australia) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). His impressive skill set has been cultivated over the many years of experience that he has as the Managing Director of II-IV group (Singapore, Vietnam & China). He specialises in management skills, building business strategies for the company he advises and strategic planning.

With a positive and forward looking attitude, Dr. Ahmad Magad fits right into the MyFinB (M) advisory team