“Young, ambitious and with good intentions.”

Abdullah Hidayat
Abdullah HidayatChief Strategist Officer, MyFinB (M)

With more than 10 years of experience in long-term strategic action programmes within the financial sector, Hidayat is a high-performing business strategist. He is currently Chief Strategist Officer (CSO) for MyFinB Malaysia where he focuses on developing and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives.

He believes it is a cardinal rule for entrepreneurs to keep their flame of optimism flickering when facing business stumbling blocks or issues and find ways to overcome them.

Hidayat has strong expertise in all aspects of Islamic finance and portfolio management, socioeconomic development, Islamic asset management, project management, agency liaison, performance management (metrics) and market research.

He was also the sole candidate selected from Asia and Pacific region to join ICD’s reputable Islamic Finance Talent Development Program (IFTDP) in 2015. Proficient in equity valuation, financial analysis and modelling, including in-depth working knowledge of Malaysia Unit Trust Guidelines, Malaysia Islamic Fund Management Guidelines, and Malaysia Merger and Take-Over Code.