Created Exceptional Tool for Enhancement Financial Productivities

We starting MyFinB in order to fill a need —giving people a fast and simple way to understand financial datas. I feel that in today’s space, spending money sourcing and aggregating data, spreadsheets and dashboards as mechanisms to understand data simply aren’t value for money. People want the insights and recommendations the data supports—about their operations, about their business, about their future. And, what better way to tell stories than through analytics.

That’s why MyFinB is heavily focus on created exceptional tool driven by my proprietary natural language generation platform that transforms basic financial data into meaningful and insightful narratives people can simply read – and more importantly, MADE BETTERS DECISION. MyFinB enable organisations to spent more time crunching number and more time providing their management and other stakeholders with actionable information that, ultimately, helps them make better financial.


As part of a venture building programme, VSC Group through its venture builder arm, VSC Portfolio Investments Pte Ltd (“VSCPI”) seeded and created MyFinB Holding Ltd with a paid up capital of $500,000. This process is necessary to pave the way for new partners and management team to contribute towards the growth of MyFinB.

My FinB attracted a pool of strategic angel investors who helped provide second round of seed funding. They came from different backgrounds, providing very effective, diversified perspectives that are healthy for the growth of the firm. Our seed investors’ profiles include a senior individual from a top consulting firm, a subject matter expertise in credit risk from a large investment bank, successful entrepreneurs, the CEO of a private equity firm, MD of a thousand dollar revenue Chinese corporation, a senior medical practitioner, an aviation expert, just to name a few.  They are essentially our friendly advisors who are also active investors with extensive connections that are relevant for MyFinB’s market place.

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